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Students sit in to demand gun control legislation

Wilson students were some of the thousands of youth across the country who walked out of class this morning to urge Congress to pass stricter gun legislation. The nationwide walkouts come one month after seventeen high schoolers in Parkland, Florida were killed by a classmate armed with assault rifles that he had purchased legally. At


Girls soccer players are Barcelona bound

Junior soccer players Isabella Lujan, Ella Gantman, and Meghan Dayton, as well as senior Elena Bagnoli, are scheduled to travel to Barcelona this March as part of a partnership between FC Barcelona and DCPS. They will explore the city for six days, from March 15 to March 21. Lujan, Dayton, Gantman, and Bagnoli are four


Buredo: Sushi and burritos wrapped into one

Are you tired of eating at the same few restaurants in Tenleytown? Buredo, a local restaurant chain specializing in burrito-sized sushi rolls, is guaranteed to bring excitement to your meal. I had been eyeing the restaurant ever since its opening in Tenleytown early this year, nestled in-between the Cava and Nando’s Peri-Peri. After a few


Portugal. The Man delights their fans

Alaskan Indie rockers Portugal. The Man landed in DC February 24 with lasers, psychedelic imagery and sound. They played a nearly two-hour set of their signature fusion of electro-glam ’60s rock for their fans at The Anthem, a new venue at the Wharf in Southwest. The production, music, and showmanship made it a concert to


Baseball and softball teams taking talents to the tropics

Wilson varsity baseball and softball players participate in trips abroad to both the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. These trips have become an enlightening tradition for athletes, 2018 marking the fourth trip. The student athlete baseball players traveled to the Dominican Republic (DR) on Tuesday February 13, and returned on Sunday February 18. The baseball