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Schools should rethink their use of letter grades

Countries all around the world use the letter grade system. Though the letters and the percentages assigned to them slightly vary from country to country, most people are familiar with the system. People are so used to A through F grading that no one realizes its faults. Most people know the feeling of getting back


Accidente aéreo despierta al público

Muchos se despertaron el 28 de Noviembre del 2016 escuchando la triste noticias del accidente aéreo del equipo futbolista Chapecoense, un equipo de Brasil. En los días presentes, hemos aprendido sobre los 71 que fallecieron en el terrible accidente. El equipo Chapecoense estaba trabajando duro y se estaban preparando para ser número uno. Estaban compitiendo


David Wu’s open letter to Wilson

This is an open letter written by Wilson substitute and DCPS alum David Wu. It was submitted to  As a DCPS alumnus 42 years ago (from erstwhile Gordon and Western – today’s Hardy and Duke Ellington), it was with pride and joy and I was given an opportunity to help Ms. Mismash through her


Is protesting effective?

Civil disobedience is the act of opposing a law one considers unjust and peacefully disobeying it while accepting the consequences. This concept isn’t new to DC students. On November 14th, 2016, over 300 of us participated in a city-wide walkout to demonstrate unity and represent a population that refused to be ignored by our new


A brief history of Wilson sports

Many student athletes walk along the halls of Wilson. Both boys and girls proudly sport their personalized windbreakers or sell donuts throughout the building to raise funds for their team. With eight fall sports, seven winter sports, and 10 spring sports, there are many opportunities for students to join teams. A search through old Beacons


Stereotypes of Black culture still persist in media

Although Hollywood has made drastic improvements in the field of diversity and has successfully increased inclusion of Black actors, many of the Black characters portrayed in movies and on television are stereotypes. These harmful stereotypes perpetuate outdated beliefs about Black people and their behavior. Black people are often only represented through a handful of caricatures