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Fort Reno to add new batting cages

For the past couple of years, the baseball players at Wilson have had to use a broken-down batting cage composed of bending poles and a ripped net. However, construction workers from Capitol Hardscapes started building the foundation for a new, much nicer batting cage at Fort Reno last Friday. The new cage is going to


Anti-Thanksgiving holidays bring attention to America’s historical transgressions

On the annual holiday when most Americans gather around the table with family and friends to enjoy a delicious home cooked meal, many others gather for the “National Day of Mourning” and “Unthanksgiving Day”. These two ceremonies, although different, originate from the same root of opposing the national holiday of Thanksgiving. While the majority of


DC roads desperately need help

Anyone driving, biking, ubering or bussing along any road in DC is sure to hit some bumps. Literally, there are so many potholes and cracks in DC roads that that they were ranked the worst in the United States. This is a problem that affects everyone using the roads and seems simple to fix. Pavement


Upcoming events: Tenley Winterfest

For over a decade, Tenleytown’s Janney Elementary School has hosted a craft sale at the beginning of the holiday season. It started off as just a few families and students, but has now grown into a neighborhood-wide celebration with participating restaurants, businesses, and even a scavenger hunt. This year Winterfest will begin November 25 and