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SATIRE: Trump’s tweets analyzed

With a 140 character limit on Twitter, Trump’s tweets may be a bit hard to understand sometimes. To help you out, we analyzed some of his tweets so they make (a little) more sense. Trump; A 140 Character Visionary, Tweets Analyzed “Dishonest media says Mexico won’t be paying for the wall if they pay a


Moana brings island flavor to movie screen

Some are saying it’s the new Frozen— some say it’s even better. Disney dropped its newest princess movie this past November, Moana, and it’s a huge hit. The cast consists of Hollywood favorites as well as actors and actresses on-the-rise. Set in Hawaii on the island of a Polynesian tribe, the animated film tells the


SGA collects food over holidays

Student Government Association collected canned food from December 12 to December 21 in an effort to help the community. The decision was made by the SGA in order to find a way to try and help the Wilson community give back during the holidays. “We wanted to provide food to the homeless because shelters are


MAP program leads to improvement in AP scores

After the institution of the Minorities in Advanced Placement program, Wilson has experienced tremendous growth in students’ AP scores. Succeeding the completion of an Advanced Placement course, students enrolled in that class are required to take an AP test, which evaluates each student’s understanding of the class’ material. The effectiveness of the MAP program is