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Slide Show: 24 Hour Plays

ELENA REMEZ, PHOTOGRAPHER During the annual 24 Hour Plays this weekend, 96 students wrote, directed and performed a series of 14 plays all within 24 hours.  

Redskins Season Preview

ASA CANTY, CONTRIBUTOR Summer in DC can be unbearably hot and uncomfortable. Thousands of residents spurn the city for vacations, leading to the couple of weeks as July ends and August begins where the streets look empty and those still in town have the look of exhaustion pronounced on their face by the sun beaming

Navigating the College Application Process

LAUREN REVEAL, MANAGING EDITOR As senior year commences, so does the stress and preparation for college that surrounds it. Through applications, supplement essays, and of course, the daunting Common App, a lot is thrown at 16 and 17-year-olds as they head into the last year of high school. Everyone experiences the college application process in

New Class Helps Students Reach Goals

ERIN STERNLIEB, CHIEF WEB EDITOR If you are interested in living longer, being happy or being successful, Wilson now offers the perfect class for you: “100 Questions to a Life You Want.”* New adjunct teacher David Cohen understands that high school students do not have it all figured out. An accomplished Harvard graduate, Cohen wants

Taking a Hard Look at Self-Segregation*

The Editorial Staff Over the past few years The Beacon has struggled with the question of diversity and how to ensure that we have a diverse staff that reflects the entire school. As a newspaper, we want to remain unbiased, while being able to cover all realities of the school from different perspectives. Yet we

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