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Spirit Week Taken to Extremes

BY THE BEACON EDITORIAL STAFF Spirit Week has always been a student and staff favorite. Every year at the end of October, you can see Principal Cahall greeting people in his pajamas, students taking selfies with their identically-dressed twins, and teachers sporting painted faces (and bodies) at the pep rally. But this year the week

Homecoming Game Recap

BY HENRY SHULDINER, SPORTS EDITOR & VAL PEHRSON, STAFF WRITER The afternoon of October 25, 2014 will go down in the history of DCIAA football as a game to remember. Wilson took on the Warriors of H.D. Woodson for their homecoming game on a balmy Saturday afternoon. Woodson entered the game with a record of

Students Rank Disney Halloween Movies

BY BRIAN KEYES AND KELLIK DAWSON, CONTRIBUTORS (Movies ten through eight appear in the October issue of The Beacon) 7. “Mom’s Got a Date With a Vampire” No list of movies would be complete without one about a group of children getting into trouble and trying to rescue their mother from a savage vampire who wants

Progress Reports Explained

BY ABBY TANEN, CONTRIBUTOR It’s four weeks into school, you’re getting into the rhythm of your classes, you finally picked your official lunch spot for the year, and then BAM! All of a sudden, your English teacher announces that progress reports are being sent out on Friday. But you hadn’t gotten around to test corrections

Cop or Nah: Public

BY GREG KOPETSKY, WEB FEATURES EDITOR & MATTHEW SMEE, WEB SPORTS EDITOR Possibly the one restaurant you haven’t been to within a javelin throw of Wilson, Public Tenley will change how you view the number of restaurants in Tenley, but not much else. With cliché sports decor and an excess of TVs, Public Tenley provides

Students to Receive NMSI Money Soon

BY STORY SULLIVAN, STAFF WRITER After months of anticipation, the 196 Wilson students who passed their English, math, or science AP exam taken last spring will be receiving their $100 checks. As promised, the checks will be delivered by mail at the end of October or beginning of November; courtesy of a federal grant. Wilson

AP World History: Doing Too Much

BY SAM MASLING, STAFF WRITER If you projected the history of the Earth onto a 24-hour clock, the portion including mankind and all its achievements would be in the last 20 seconds of the 24th hour in the 59th minute. Alas, Earth’s history is not 24 hours long; it’s more than four and a half

Wilson Hosts Mayoral Forum

BY CLAIRE PARKER, CO-EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Wilson students saw a wide range of personalities and beliefs displayed at the mayoral candidate forum hosted by DC history teachers on October 27. In an effort to appeal to young voters before the November 4 election, candidates spoke about topics ranging from education to marijuana to the importance of equestrian

Teachers Turn To New Websites

BY MATTHEW SMEE, SPORTS WEB EDITOR There’s no doubt that the concept of the online gradebook is great. It can be argued that it is one of the best things to ever happen to students. A sign of the times, an online gradebook embodies the advances of our current society, in which everything is more

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