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Archives for January 2015

DCPS’ Internet Blocks Obstruct Learning

BY ERIN STERNLIEB, WEB CHIEF EDITOR Since winter break DCPS has increased its Internet restrictions for both students and teachers. Any sites with streaming, including sites like WAMU and PBS, are impossible to access. Blocking the Internet is not only a hindrance to teachers, but it reveals a larger problem with communication in DCPS, and

New DCPS Initiative to Empower Black and Latino Male Students

BY ZACH ESSIG, JUNIOR EDITOR On Wednesday, January 21st, DCPS and Mayor Bowser unveiled a new DCPS initiative targeting black and latino male students across DC. This initiative, called Empowering Males of Color (EMOC) , will include a wide range of support programs for young black and latino males living in DC. This initiative came

Attendance Problems Heightened Due to Hall Sweep Policy

BY SAM MASLING, JUNIOR EDITOR Last week Wilson announced they would be bringing back hall sweeps in order to ensure student’s attendance in class.  The hall sweeps were implemented last Monday and, “Will commence everyday and every period until the end of the semester.” read an email from interim Principal Bargeman to the Wilson community.

Twitter Reacts to Snowy School Day

BY ELIAS BENDA, OPINIONS EDITOR Across the District today, students awoke to a fresh, clean blanket of snow.The obvious reaction by high schoolers across the city was “No school!” (which in hindsight seems a logical conclusion with three and a half inches of snow). Yet, as people turned on their TVs, got on their phones,

Wilson Experiences Day One Without Cahall

BY BRIAN KEYES, JUNIOR EDITOR Today was not only the first day back from winter break, but the first day since Wilson’s 2011 renovation that Pete Cahall has not served as principal. On December 23, DCPS Chancellor Kaya Henderson announced that Cahall would be resigning effective immediately, and clearing out his office. Former Assistant Principal