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Being Mixed at Wilson

BY ZOE MILLS, STAFF WRITER Being mixed at Wilson has its ups and downs. Although my identity as a person of mixed race shouldn’t change the way people think of me, it does. Racial tension isn’t uncommon at Wilson, or anywhere in the United States, and, for some people, finding out that I’m actually half

We All Need to Work to Close the Gap

BY THE BEACON EDITORIAL STAFF The numbers are disturbing: every statistic shows a stark racial difference in academic achievement at Wilson, with whites and Asians outperforming their black and Hispanic counterparts. The racial achievement gap in education has been an issue across the United States for decades, and DCPS has the largest achievement gap between

Intramural Basketball Heats Up At Wilson

BY GREG KOPETSKY, WEB FEATURES EDITOR It’s a celebration of crossovers, showboating, and terrible shot selection. It’s March, ladies and gentlemen, and intramural basketball is in full swing at Wilson. This month, 9 teams entered the tournament to compete for the intramural trophy and the bragging rights that come with it. Like every year, games have been played every

Wilson’s Track Is Just A Little Short

BY ERIN DOHERTY, SPORTS EDITOR Three hundred-forty-two meters. Not 400, not 300, but exactly 342 meters. This is the length of the Wilson outdoor track. It may be the only 342 meter track in the world. For runners, the 342-meter track requires some accommodation.  A “400,” or 400 meters, is a popular distance and one

Is Facebook Dead?

BY SAM MASLING, JUNIOR EDITOR The pioneer of social media, the giant of connectivity, the access point for everything about everyone you couldn’t care less about: Facebook was the definition of social media for many years. If you didn’t have a page, you were totally out of the loop. Since its heyday, Facebook has steadily

New College and Career Counseling Program

BY LAUREN REVEAL, MANAGING EDITOR My teachers and counselors begin the college talk with students at the start of ninth grade. Seniors then spend months of energy bringing up grades and SAT scores, and writing dozens of essays so they can hopefully get into one of their top colleges. Wilson helps students decide which college

Artist’s Profile: Katya Ekimian

BY CLAIRE PARKER, CO-EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Junior Katya Ekimian cuts an unassuming figure, walking down the Wilson hallways in plain jeans and a hoodie. Looking at her, you wouldn’t know that she is a talented aspiring fashion designer, whose work has been praised by fashion moguls and is regularly worn by more than one Wilson student. “It’s

What Makes a Good Principal?

  With Cahall’s midyear departure a panel of Wilson students, teachers, parents and community members are interviewing candidates for the principal position. Let us know what you think makes a good principal. [poll id=”3″]     GRAPHIC BY SARAH TORRESEN, VISUAL CONTENT EDITOR    

Bowser Tweaks School Assignment Plan

BY CLAIRE PARKER, CO-EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Mayor Muriel Bowser announced her office’s adjustments to the new student assignment plan for DC public schools on February 27. The tweaks, which Bowser released two months after taking office, directly affect the Crestwood and 16th Street Heights neighborhoods and Kelly Miller Middle School community. The changes take effect immediately. “Our

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