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Urban Ecology Class Seeks to Restore Creek

BY MARIA BRESCIA-WEILER, FEATURES EDITOR At the front of the classroom, 12 students sit rapt as representatives from Casey Trees teach them about “the wonderful world of phenology,” the timing of seasonal events. Such presentations are typical of Steve Dryden’s Urban Ecology class, which has had several visits from local environmental experts, activists, government employees

Storytime with Mr.Heckler*

BY CHLOE LEO, STAFF WRITER  & DANIELLE BRESLOW, JUNIOR EDITOR   When World History teacher David Heckler was studying business as a rising junior at Georgetown University, he and a buddy did a summer leadership academy in Romania. It was an eye-opening experience for them. The trip helped steer him in the direction of becoming

Don’t Let College Counseling Leave with Ms.Bean*

BY THE BEACON EDITORIAL STAFF Ms. Bean has been a staple at Wilson for 16 years and it’s hard to imagine Wilson students navigating the arduous college application process without her. Her departure has been further complicated by the upcoming budget cuts, making it unclear if she will be replaced. We’d like to start off

Softball Can’t Strike Out*

BY ERIN DOHERTY, SPORTS EDITOR It had the look of an extra-base hit at least, and maybe a home run. The ball jumped off of the bat of the National Cathedral School player and flew toward the outfield at Guy Mason field. But two Wilson players, sophomore Kimberly Manalang and senior Alexis Coates, were determined

Ms.Bean Retires After 16 Years*

BY HELEN MALHOTRA, WEB NEWS EDITOR Sandy Bean, Wilson’s renowned college counselor, is retiring after 16 years of hard work. Next year, if Wilson’s reduced budget allows, Patrice Arrington will be stepping up to take over the College and Career Center. This has been a place for students to get help with the college process

Track Team Travels to Penn Relays

BY ISAAC FRUMKIN, JUNIOR EDITOR This past weekend, the track team was busy running all over the East Coast. On Wednesday, a select 10 members of the team traveled up to Philadelphia for the Penn Relays. Dating back to 1895, the Penn Relays is the oldest recorded track competition and is hosted annually by the

Looking At Wilson Through Foreign Eyes

BY NORA CHARLES, JUNIOR EDITOR At track practice I noticed a new girl: tall, blonde, and smiling. My friend nudged me and whispered that she was from Switzerland. I walked over to her and she introduced herself as Clara Edmonds. She was here for only a couple weeks, but some things still jumped out at her. The

Boys Lacrosse Team defeats Oxon Hill

PAOLA CAMBA, CONTRIBUTOR The boys lacrosse team continued their league-game win streak with a win against Oxon Hill 12-5 this past Thursday. After Oxon Hill’s first goal with nine minutes left in the first quarter, the tigers picked it up with midfielder Chris Kearns scoring a minute later and after multiple tries, sophomore Brandon Webster scored Wilson’s second goal.

Wilson Senior Starts Baseball Bat Company

LUKE WALLIS, CONTRIBUTOR Wilson students have lots of interesting hobbies. Some students read a lot, play sports, cook, ride bikes, play instruments, act, go skiing and so on. But there is one student at Wilson who has a hobby that no one else in the school even imagines doing: starting and running a home-made baseball

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