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Students Have the Right to Know their 4th Amendment Rights

BY ZOE MILLS, JUNIOR EDITOR The 4th Amendment is beneficial to students of all ages for many reasons. None of those reasons, however, involves protecting students from the personal agendas of teachers, or creating strict boundaries between students and faculty that enable students to immediately keep what they desire private. The 4th Amendment is flawed,

My Life So Far: Sebastian Riggs

BY RACHEL PAGE, WRITTEN CONTENT EDITOR Sebastian Riggs may be only a freshman, but he has the air of someone much older. It could be his close cropped hair and studded ears, or the fact that he’s taking physics as a freshman. Or maybe it’s because he’s seen more of the world than the average

Junior Meru Kush Starts Clothing Line

ELLA FELDMAN, STYLE EDITOR Wilson is a school full of individuality, creativity, and culture. This is evident even in a short walk through the hallway, where one can see students express themselves through their clothing and overall looks. Inspired by Wilson’s and DC’s culture, junior Meru Kush has started his own clothing line. The idea

Alternatives to College for Graduating Seniors

BY RYAN WATTERS, CONTRIBUTER Especially for upperclassmen, it seems like everybody is caught up in college craziness. Perhaps those who just can’t get excited about attending a four-year college and are considering alternative higher education options are more hidden. A good jumping off point for a traditional four-year college more suitable for students without high GPAs

Question and Answer with Kimberly Martin

TRANSCRIBED BY SOPHIE REVEAL, MANAGING EDITOR The Beacon’s Erin Doherty had the opportunity to speak to Kimberly Martin, Wilson’s incoming principal for the 2015-2016 school year, in a phone interview. Martin’s appointment as Wilson principal was announced June 2 by DCPS Chancellor Kaya Henderson after a months-long interview and selection process. Erin Doherty: Can you

Reflecting On a Year Abroad in Ghana

BY ELLICE ELLIS, STAFF WRITER It’s been almost nine months since I left America for Ghana. Over 100 plates of rice, 212 malaria pills, and one bout of malaria later, here I am – almost done. I’ve eaten my last banku and taken my last trip to the seamstress and stuffed my suitcases to their

Pride Day Returns to Wilson

BY ELLIE MELICK, CO-OPINIONS EDITOR Wilson’s third-annual Pride Day on May 27 was a bangin’ hit — although it wasn’t quite as flamin’ as last year’s. Seemingly of out-of-the-blue (or should I say, the rainbow), few students even realized it was Pride Day before they saw the posters on their way to first period the day