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Staff Editorial: Prior Review is Indirect Censorship

UPDATE: Sep 17, 2015— The Beacon is once again operating without prior review! We would like thank the 885 people who signed our petition on for their support. UPDATE: Aug 31, 2015 — As of 3 p.m.: Principal Martin is in the process of reconsidering her prior review policy. The editors are revisiting their editorial policies to instate a clearly outlined chain of

Fall Sports Season Previews

BY ALEX MARTIN AND ISAAC FRUMKIN, JUNIOR EDITORS Cross Country: Wilson’s runners are looking to bring home a DCIAA championships for the sixth year in a row. Coming off an intense summer training regimen, Wilson XC is in tip top shape. A busy September is on the way with their first meets scheduled for the 8th

Switching Schedules Becomes More Difficult

  BY EMMA BUZBEE, NEWS EDITOR Students will have a hard time changing their schedules in the upcoming 2015-2016 school year. A new scheduling system named Aspen, put in place by former Assistant Principal Marybeth Waits, gives counselors less control over the schedules. Counselors no longer have the power to override the system and put

The Real Maine

BY BRIAN KEYES, STYLE EDITOR   White people, boats, and high end camping stores. All things that imply wealth and affluence, and all things commonly used to describe one state in particular. Maine. There is a commonly held idea that those who live in Maine look and live like the people who visit Maine. Upper

School Uniform Rumors Untrue

BY EMMA BUZBEE, NEWS EDITOR Rumors about a school uniform requirement for the upcoming 2015-2016 school year have been denied by Principal Kimberly Martin and Assistant Principal Gregory Bargeman. Martin, new to Wilson this year, acknowledged that she had heard the rumors, but did not believe there were any dress code changes. Bargeman unequivocally stated