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Dress codes send a sexist message to students

BY KELSSI AGUILAR, CONTRIBUTOR   For thousands of years, women have been degraded and told they are unequal. It’s the 21st century, and women are still being degraded to the extent where even our clothing is judged. In many schools, strict dress codes are becoming very common. In a lot of high schools, including Wilson,

Release of new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus wows students

BY YASMIN AMALIA, CONTRIBUTOR On September 9, Apple officially launched its new iPhone products: the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. These products are labeled as the next generation of multi-touch because they use 3D touch technology: a pressure-sensitive display technology that lets you push harder to do new things on your phone. The camera for both

September Horoscopes

BY BRIAN KEYES, STYLE EDITOR Aries: If you really think about it, all instruments are mandolins. Life is a mandolin. We are all simply notes in the mandolin rock-ballad of the universe. Taurus: Death is inevitable. It comes for all of us. It is the one inescapable truth in all of life, the one absolute

The Beacon sets a new precedent

BY THE BEACON STAFF After The Beacon published its first issue, Principal Kimberly Martin’s decision to institute a policy of prior review for the paper was catapulted into the national spotlight. We heard from friends and family members in other states who had read about The Beacon. We received emails and tweets from members of

Crime spikes citywide

BY RACHEL PAGE, WRITTEN CONTENT EDITOR Number 48 was Tamara Gliss, shot in the head during a Memorial Day barbecue in Northwest DC. She was a mother, a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter. She attended church regularly and once organized a community cookout for a local firefighter. Number 99 was Loretta Carswell, a retired bus

Wilson Reacts: DCPS decides to open all schools on time despite visit from Pope Francis

BY LAUREN BROWN, CONTRIBUTOR Pope Francis is visiting the nation’s capital for the first time. This historic event will result in up to 70 road closures across the city, public transportation delays of up to an hour and a half, and extremely crowded traffic. The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) has released a statement

Pope visits the District

BY ZACH ESSIG, NEWS EDITOR Crying mothers, screaming babies, and adamant pro-choice supporters were just some of the types of people seen at the Papal Parade on September 23. Pope Francis’s legendary visit brought thousands of people to the District to get their chance at seeing the Holy Father. Despite concerns by many about increased

The biggest freshman class in decades encounters struggles with overcrowding*

BY LINDSAY HARPER, CONTRIBUTOR The start of the year was stressful for freshmen who experienced crowded classes and repeated scheduling changes, amplifying the challenge of transitioning from middle school to high school. Wilson currently has 527 freshman students, compared to 482 sophomores, 421 juniors, and 408 seniors. There have been many contributing factors to the

The dope on ‘Dope’: It’s dope

BY TALIA ZITNER AND ELLIKA EDELMAN, CONTRIBUTORS “I’m from a poor, crime-filled neighborhood, raised by a single mother, don’t know my dad, blah, blah. It’s cliche,” says Malcolm, the unlikely hero of the summer blockbuster, Dope. However, the movie is anything but cliche. The storyline follows a straight A high school senior who is obsessed

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