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Halloween Spread

In honor of The Beacon’s favorite holiday, we put together some high-quality Halloween-themed content, links to which you can find here. Reviews of some lesser-known types of candy! An investigative article on ghost sightings around Tenleytown! An opinion about trick-or-treating with food allergies! And a spooky crossword puzzle! Enjoy!

Halloween ’16: Tenleytown Haunts

Being a historical place and the home of many important public figures, DC is a natural hotspot for ghosts. The Capitol is supposedly haunted by many deceased government officials, as is the White House– President Harry Truman once swore he saw an apparition of Abraham Lincoln. These buildings are world famous and have hosted countless historical

Participation grades detract from learning

Introducing participation grades were intended to give shy students a reason to participate in class, but instead they have created a mentality among students that the only reason to contribute in class is to end the year with a good GPA. In my freshman year Spanish class, we had participation trackers that were done on

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