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City Council fights hard for DC Statehood

When residents of the District of Columbia head to the polls this Election Day, they will be doing more than just voting for a new president: they will be answering questions that have the potential to determine the future of their city. An advisory referendum will appear on the ballot on November 8, a part

Different Regions Dominate Different Sports

As we all know, the West Coast is significantly warmer than the East Coast, in the summer as well as throughout the year. Due to the differences in these climates, it highlights aspects such as sports. Key sports affected by this are baseball, softball, football, soccer, and hockey Baseball and Softball: It may be thought

Helpful apps for students to use

Staying on top of you schoolwork and homework is a challenge for students everywhere. Finding a way to keep track of what work you need to do, and making sure you understand everything in all your classes is not an easy task. Having apps on your phone is a convenient and simple way to keep

Phil Chenier deserves a spot in the rafters

To the basketball fans in Washington DC who didn’t grow up watching The Bullets back in the 1970’s, the name Phil Chenier brings to mind the cool, collected, color analyst for the Wizards. Most DC residents probably know him for that honestly, as he’s been doing the job for over 30 years. But for those

MLB fans make the case for their team

American League: Texas Rangers: Led by a lights-out bullpen and outstanding starting pitching, the Rangers had the best record in in the American League this season. Their dominance will continue in October leading them to their first-ever World Series. Last season’s acquisition Cole Hamels and mid-season acquisition Jonathan Lucroy are essential to the Rangers’ success.

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