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MAP program leads to improvement in AP scores

After the institution of the Minorities in Advanced Placement program, Wilson has experienced tremendous growth in students’ AP scores. Succeeding the completion of an Advanced Placement course, students enrolled in that class are required to take an AP test, which evaluates each student’s understanding of the class’ material. The effectiveness of the MAP program is

Community “Stands With Comet” after the pizzeria is targeted by “Pizzagate” conspiracy theorists

In a weekend-long event called ‘Stand with Comet,’ people demonstrated in support of Comet Ping Pong, a popular pizzeria in Northwest DC that has become the target of a bizarre far-right conspiracy theory called “Pizzagate.” Although the theory has no basis in reality and has been thoroughly debunked, the restaurant, its employees, and surrounding businesses

The Science Behind…your brain and meditation

Meditation- it’s not just for hippies! New scientific research is suggesting that meditation could actually change the overall function of the human brain. Meditation is the process of checking in with the state of the body and the mind through stillness and anchors. The easiest way to meditate is to sit, stand, or lay down

Fort Reno to add new batting cages

For the past couple of years, the baseball players at Wilson have had to use a broken-down batting cage composed of bending poles and a ripped net. However, construction workers from Capitol Hardscapes started building the foundation for a new, much nicer batting cage at Fort Reno last Friday. The new cage is going to

Anti-Thanksgiving holidays bring attention to America’s historical transgressions

On the annual holiday when most Americans gather around the table with family and friends to enjoy a delicious home cooked meal, many others gather for the “National Day of Mourning” and “Unthanksgiving Day”. These two ceremonies, although different, originate from the same root of opposing the national holiday of Thanksgiving. While the majority of

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