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Adin McGurk

Mr. Bellino’s Graph of the Month

  If you’ve ever gone off-campus for lunch, or looked longingly at the upperclassmen scanning their DC one cards, you’ve likely seen Wilson’s resident numberphile, Joseph Bellino. Bellino’s title is Official Data Coordinator. And if you’ve ever been lucky enough to make the trip to his office, as some of us at The Beacon have

Aaron feeds his Seoul

As I took the first bite of my taco, I felt my Seoul instantly become rejuvenated. The grub from Tenleytown’s new Korean comfort food spot–Seoul Spice–works wonders. Hopefully it will be able to solidify its spot on Wisconsin Avenue for many years. When I entered the restaurant, the “Seoul Train” taco stood out to me

Trump makes sweeping cuts to expand military budget

On February 23, President Donald Trump alerted the nation to his plan to drastically increase military spending by $54 billion, The $54 billion that would be allocated toward military spending is expected to be taken from parts of the government that Trump sees as less necessary or salient, especially government programs tied to the environment

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