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Ava Nicely

What’s up after Wilson: an update on former assistant principals Bowser and Haith

“I had an amazing time as a teacher and administrator at Wilson,” Tennille Bowser said. After 11 and 13 years as administrators along with other roles at Wilson, respectively, Bowser and William Haith only had good things to say about their time as Tigers. Haith made a significant impact on the Wilson community through his

Keeping you posted on “The Post”

A man types furiously on a typewriter. Soldiers decorate their faces with black and green paint. A trek into the forest turns into a deadly battle. Based on historical events, “The Post” mysteriously transitions into an office filled with classified papers, revealing the true plot of the movie: the controversy surrounding The New York Times’

DCPS classrooms teach Thanksgiving on their own terms

As the leaves change colors with the beginning of the fall season, excitement about the winter holidays sets in. Whether it be through eating turkeys and pies, watching a parade, or simply reflecting on what they’re thankful for, Thanksgiving is celebrated every year by almost every American. Many elementary school classrooms use the holiday to

Meet the Staff

Chloé Leo, Editor-in-Chief Chloe commonly referred to as “Cleo” due to her confusing first name-last name combination, has been promoted to Co-Editor-in-Chief her SEN18R year along with her very berry best friend and fellow Nalgene fanatic, Ben. She has been faithfully laboring away at The Beacon since her freshman year. When not writing passionate reviews