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Community service opportunities are everywhere

BY ZOLA CANADY, JUNIOR EDITOR Racing to get all of the required community service hours before graduation can be stressful for high school students, but with proper planning, completing hours can be easy. In DCPS schools, students are required to do 100 hours of volunteer service during their four years of high school, but Montgomery

Student Government Association Candidate Statements

COMPILED BY HELEN MALHOTRA, CO-EDITOR-IN-CHIEF The candidates for the 2015-2016 Student Government Association sent in statements on what they hope to accomplish if elected and why Wilson students should vote for them. Not all candidates were able to send in statements, but they are listed underneath their corresponding category. Wilson students will vote for the new SGA members in

Meet the Staff

Chloé Leo, Editor-in-Chief Chloe commonly referred to as “Cleo” due to her confusing first name-last name combination, has been promoted to Co-Editor-in-Chief her SEN18R year along with her very berry best friend and fellow Nalgene fanatic, Ben. She has been faithfully laboring away at The Beacon since her freshman year. When not writing passionate reviews

Money for metal detectors yet to be used: A search for $10,000

After hearing complaints from parents and students about the long lines to go through the metal detectors at Wilson every morning, Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh set out to solve the problem. To help alleviate the overcrowding, Cheh allocated $10,000 to the Department of General Services (DGS) to purchase additional metal detectors. Six months later,

The making of a snow closure

  As a winter storm approaches, students, teachers, and parents are fast asleep. The first thing many students will do when they awake is grab their phones and check the DCPS Instagram and Twitter (which they have only recently followed) to see if schools are closed or delayed. If closed, students will rejoice and roll

Trump’s proposed cuts threaten college accessibility

Former Wilson students at universities around the country are proof-positive that the DC Tuition Assistance Grant (DCTAG), which provides financial aid for DC residents at public colleges, serves a valuable purpose. To Mykia Washington, the DCTAG program is, “literally my golden ticket to school.”  A junior at Kent State University in Ohio, Washington studies managerial

From Tenley to Tech: an update on Sean Savoy

Only half a year into college, Wilson’s former star wide receiver, Sean Savoy, has made a strong first impression on the NCAA Division I football scene. The freshman Virginia Tech Hokie accumulated 454 receiving yards on 39 catches, four of which were touchdowns. He ranks second among all Virginia Tech players in each of these

Insufficient maintenance and lack of communication afflict school facilities

To much fanfare and celebration, former Principal Pete Cahall and the former District of Columbia Public Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson cut the ribbon on Wilson’s state-of-the art $115 million renovation in 2011. The building was widely heralded as proof that DC’s long challenged public school system was rebounding. Six years and thousands of students later,

Wilson holds vigil for Jamahri Sydnor

As the third day of school came to a close, students gathered in the atrium and started to disperse. Many soon changed their mind and joined a collecting crowd of Wilson alumni, teachers, and administrators, dozens of uniformed Metropolitan Police Officers and family and friends of Wilson graduate Jamahri Sydnor. Jamahri was tragically killed by

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