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Carl Stewart, Photo Editor

Westboro Baptist Church Protests at Sidwell Friends

BY EMMA BUZBEE, NEWS EDITOR Cold silence from about 100 Sidwell students greeted three women from the Westboro Baptist Church as they protested outside Sidwell Friends School from 7:15 to 8:00 a.m. on November 11. The church’s homophobic chants, colorful signs, and parodies of pop songs, all aspects of the normal Westboro routine, were present

Pride Day Returns to Wilson

BY ELLIE MELICK, CO-OPINIONS EDITOR Wilson’s third-annual Pride Day on May 27 was a bangin’ hit — although it wasn’t quite as flamin’ as last year’s. Seemingly of out-of-the-blue (or should I say, the rainbow), few students even realized it was Pride Day before they saw the posters on their way to first period the day

Students’ Talents Shine in 2015 StudentCam Documentary Competition

BY LAUREN REVEAL, MANAGING EDITOR The theme of this year’s StudentCam Documentary Competition, an annual contest for students held by C-SPAN, was “The Three Branches & You.” C-SPAN received 2,280 films from nearly 5,000 students. Three teams from Wilson placed third place with each team winning $750 to split among the members, as well as the chance

Students and Staff Protest Against Police Brutality

BY EMMA BUZBEE, NEWS EDITOR PHOTOGRAPHY BY: CARL STEWART   For a chilly 30 minutes on the morning of December 17, Wilson students stood outside of their school and protested racial profiling and brutality in the police force. They protested with chants, signs, speeches, poetry, and anger over personal experiences. What started off as a