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Ellie’s Fool-Proof Advice for Freshmen*

ELLIE MELICK, STYLE EDITOR Being a freshman can be hard. You’re in a new place, with new people, and everything is stressful and intimidating. You don’t know how you’re possibly going to survive. But to all you fretting freshmen out there, I am telling you with 100% certainty that you will make it through this

Halloween ’16: Tenleytown Haunts

Being a historical place and the home of many important public figures, DC is a natural hotspot for ghosts. The Capitol is supposedly haunted by many deceased government officials, as is the White House– President Harry Truman once swore he saw an apparition of Abraham Lincoln. These buildings are world famous and have hosted countless historical

The Tiger Alliance challenges unlikely allies to come together in unity and ball pits

The Wilson Tiger Alliance is hosting a “Unity Week” this week as the team of eight students and two staff members prepare to compete in the Aspen Challenge, a competition and ideas forum run by the Aspen Institute. The purpose of the week’s activities are to “[bring] unlikely allies together to promote peace and unity,”

“Hamilton” surpasses hype

As I took my seat in the far-left orchestra section of the Richard Rodgers Theatre, I briefly worried that the musical “Hamilton” wouldn’t live up to its hype. For months, I’d been constantly lectured on how ah-mazing the show is, how it’s just a mah-sterpiece, how creator/writer/star of the show Lin-Manuel Miranda is an ah-bsolute

Slideshow: National Honors Society Induction Ceremony 2015

The members of Wilson’s 2015-2016 National Honors Society chapter were inducted during a ceremony held in the auditorium on October 7. There were 108 junior and senior students inducted into the chapter, which is sponsored by social studies teachers Robert Geremia and Jonathan Shea, and chaired by math teacher Elaine Smith. The event featured speeches

Pride Day Returns to Wilson

BY ELLIE MELICK, CO-OPINIONS EDITOR Wilson’s third-annual Pride Day on May 27 was a bangin’ hit — although it wasn’t quite as flamin’ as last year’s. Seemingly of out-of-the-blue (or should I say, the rainbow), few students even realized it was Pride Day before they saw the posters on their way to first period the day

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