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Emily Oliphant

College athletes deserve to be paid for their services

Many student athletes, particularly football and men’s basketball players, play college sports at significant risk to themselves and their professional futures. If these student athletes are injured, their careers could be over, and but they play their hardest and still aren’t paid for their services, an unfair deal which allows universities to generate huge profit

Wilson suffers drop in PARCC testing scores

Woodrow Wilson’s PARCC scores have suffered this year, putting Wilson’s scores below the DCPS average by four percent in math and six percent in English. While the school system’s averages increased overall, showing important growth for schools around the city, Wilson and School Without Walls, two of the  highest-performing schools, showed a drop in scores,

Pokémon Go is a runaway hit

When Niantic Labs released Pokémon Go, the company was a small mobile games developer, and by no means a household name. Now their game, a groundbreaking update to the classic Pokémon games, has risen to the top of the app store charts and caught millions of daily users worldwide. Players have integrated the game into