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Ethan Fingerhut

Uber aims to improve driver satisfaction

Although Travis Kalanick stepped down as the CEO of Uber earlier this June, this is not the only change the company is facing. Uber has lit the fuse on their “180 Days of Change” where they are committed to improving job quality for drivers who participate in the service. The company has received criticism due

New year, same you?

New year, new me. This is the mindset of a lot of people as they write their resolutions for the upcoming 12 months. These lists give people goals to strive for, but most just make one to say they did. Some people stick to their resolutions, most don’t. The concept of resolutions dates back to

Participation grades detract from learning

Introducing participation grades were intended to give shy students a reason to participate in class, but instead they have created a mentality among students that the only reason to contribute in class is to end the year with a good GPA. In my freshman year Spanish class, we had participation trackers that were done on

MLB fans make the case for their team

American League: Texas Rangers: Led by a lights-out bullpen and outstanding starting pitching, the Rangers had the best record in in the American League this season. Their dominance will continue in October leading them to their first-ever World Series. Last season’s acquisition Cole Hamels and mid-season acquisition Jonathan Lucroy are essential to the Rangers’ success.

Hillary vs Bernie at Wilson

Are you feeling the Bern, or do you scream #Hillyes? This is a debate that a lot of Wilson students find themselves in. Many Democrats have been choosing how to answer this pertinent question since the beginning of the primary season. It has intensified since the Democratic candidates for president, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton,

Meet the Staff

Chloé Leo, Editor-in-Chief Chloe commonly referred to as “Cleo” due to her confusing first name-last name combination, has been promoted to Co-Editor-in-Chief her SEN18R year along with her very berry best friend and fellow Nalgene fanatic, Ben. She has been faithfully laboring away at The Beacon since her freshman year. When not writing passionate reviews