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Femi Witherspoon

SZA delivers exceptional performance

If you know me, you know that I’m obsessed with SZA, and that’s honestly an understatement. When I first came across her Extended Play “Z,” I was immediately drawn in by “Sweet November” and “Ur.” After her four year hiatus and the drop of her highly anticipated debut album “Ctrl,” I fell in love with

There are more important things than Delta Math

As students attending Wilson, we’re all familiar with the annual summer assignments. We receive a reading and math assignment, and if you’re lucky, an AP assignment. I would never mind the reading assignments because they always correlated with the curriculum for the first advisory unit. The AP assignments were extremely tedious but effective in preparing

Meet the Staff

Chloé Leo, Editor-in-Chief Chloe commonly referred to as “Cleo” due to her confusing first name-last name combination, has been promoted to Co-Editor-in-Chief her SEN18R year along with her very berry best friend and fellow Nalgene fanatic, Ben. She has been faithfully laboring away at The Beacon since her freshman year. When not writing passionate reviews