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Maddy Kessler

Students work to “Spread the Word to End the Word”

Words can leave deep wounds. “Retard,” slang for mental retardation, the dated medical term once used to diagnose intellectual disabilities (ID) by physicians, has come to hold a negative connotation that is both derogatory and offensive. Yet, it has for years been used in everyday conversation as a synonym for stupid, promoting the false ideology

SATIRE: Bobcat on the loose

National Zoo officials scrambled to find the 25 pound bobcat, Ollie, who escaped Monday, January 30, eventually finding her at the Zoo three days later. But, where was she those three days she was not in her enclosure? A source close to the bobcat gave us the details of Ollie’s great escape. MONDAY 7:30 a.m.-

Colleges in DC

George Washington University: One of the larger school’s in DC, George Washington University’s campus is in bustling Foggy Bottom. The school is known for its hospital and schools of education, law, and human development. GW is very modern. It’s an ideal school for those looking for an urban educational experience, and for sports fans, it’s