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Matthew Smee

The Problem with the PE Requirement

By Matthew Smee, WEB SPORTS EDITOR  Wilson is the best DC public high school in my mind. That being said, there are, as with all schools, a number of policies that should be changed. This should come as no surprise. One that rarely gets mentioned, despite its simplicity, is the gym requirement. I see two things

Cop or Nah: Public

BY GREG KOPETSKY, WEB FEATURES EDITOR & MATTHEW SMEE, WEB SPORTS EDITOR Possibly the one restaurant you haven’t been to within a javelin throw of Wilson, Public Tenley will change how you view the number of restaurants in Tenley, but not much else. With cliché sports decor and an excess of TVs, Public Tenley provides

Teachers Turn To New Websites

BY MATTHEW SMEE, SPORTS WEB EDITOR There’s no doubt that the concept of the online gradebook is great. It can be argued that it is one of the best things to ever happen to students. A sign of the times, an online gradebook embodies the advances of our current society, in which everything is more

Girls Varsity Soccer Looks to Turn Season Around as Playoffs Approach

BY MATTHEW SMEE, WEB SPORTS EDITOR PHOTOS BY SARAH TORRESEN With the DCIAA soccer playoffs just around the corner, the Girls Varsity soccer team is starting to pick up the intensity. With a 5-0 win against Bell, the girls have one game remaining (Sidwell, on their homecoming, October 18th) before the season comes to a close. What