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Meredith Ellison, Aaron Rosenthal

Innes Mackay: Chasing dreams in the Dominican

Many high school students take gap years after they graduate to simply escape from the stress of school. Innes Mackay, who graduated from Wilson last June, had a different motive. Mackay ventured to the Dominican Republic with hopes of eventually playing baseball professionally. The former Wilson outfielder began his journey in August. “The experience has

MLB fans make the case for their team

American League: Texas Rangers: Led by a lights-out bullpen and outstanding starting pitching, the Rangers had the best record in in the American League this season. Their dominance will continue in October leading them to their first-ever World Series. Last season’s acquisition Cole Hamels and mid-season acquisition Jonathan Lucroy are essential to the Rangers’ success.

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Chloé Leo, Editor-in-Chief Chloe commonly referred to as “Cleo” due to her confusing first name-last name combination, has been promoted to Co-Editor-in-Chief her SEN18R year along with her very berry best friend and fellow Nalgene fanatic, Ben. She has been faithfully laboring away at The Beacon since her freshman year. When not writing passionate reviews