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Pope in the District!

BY CAROLINA BAYON, JUNIOR EDITOR This past Tuesday through Thursday Pope Francis paid a visit to DC, generating a lot of excitement. This trip had many firsts: the first pope from the Americas, his first visit to the U.S., and the first time a pope addressed Congress. Despite all the attention he has received as

Silly Season Elections

BY GWENDOLYN TSAI, CONTRIBUTOR Republican Candidates (Top 5): Donald Trump: Currently leading in the Republican polls, Donald Trump is very focused on one thing: immigration reform. So focused, in fact, that it is the only issue on which he mentions his position on his website. Trump says that he intends to triple the amount of

Alternatives to College for Graduating Seniors

BY RYAN WATTERS, CONTRIBUTER Especially for upperclassmen, it seems like everybody is caught up in college craziness. Perhaps those who just can’t get excited about attending a four-year college and are considering alternative higher education options are more hidden. A good jumping off point for a traditional four-year college more suitable for students without high GPAs

100-Word Rants

COMPILED BY ZACH ESSIG, NEWS EDITOR Sometimes, you’ve just got to let off some steam. Four Wilson kids did just that, ranting about whatever is is that grinds their gears—in 100 words or less. Sarah Burch, 10, on people joaning on vegans: So the only time you talk to me is when you copy my history