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Talia Zitner

The dope on ‘Dope’: It’s dope

BY TALIA ZITNER AND ELLIKA EDELMAN, CONTRIBUTORS “I’m from a poor, crime-filled neighborhood, raised by a single mother, don’t know my dad, blah, blah. It’s cliche,” says Malcolm, the unlikely hero of the summer blockbuster, Dope. However, the movie is anything but cliche. The storyline follows a straight A high school senior who is obsessed

Safe sex makes sense

When I was little, my mom used to show me her birth control pills while I sat in the bathroom, watching her get ready for work. They were arranged in a beautiful rainbow pattern, a mysterious circle of medication that we dubbed, “no baby pills.” To me, birth control has always seemed like a rational,

The science behind: teens and Trump

What do teens and Trump have in common? Besides turning to Twitter to get in their feelings, surprising comparisons can be drawn between our generation and the 45th president. As Trump’s reign continues, many have begun to call his mental health and emotional capacity into question. Claims that he is mentally unstable or emotionally unfit

“Alternative facts” are dangerous lies

True or false? 2+2=5. While this sounds completely ridiculous, with the rise of “alternative facts,” the line between fact and fiction begins to blur. Kellyanne Conway (U.S. Counselor to the President) coined the term “alternative facts” on January 22nd, during a Meet the Press interview. Conway was defending the White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer,

The Science Behind…your brain and meditation

Meditation- it’s not just for hippies! New scientific research is suggesting that meditation could actually change the overall function of the human brain. Meditation is the process of checking in with the state of the body and the mind through stillness and anchors. The easiest way to meditate is to sit, stand, or lay down

Metro set to continue with SafeTrack program

As summer comes to an end, the 8th and 9th “safety surges” of the year long SafeTrack initiative begins. From August 27th to September 11th, there will be a continuous single track and weekend line segment shutdowns for the Blue and Yellow line, between Franconia-Springfield and Van Dorn Street. Other closures and construction include the

Genre jumble: the entire set

  PUNK: curated by Anna Wilson, reviewed by Naomi Todd   My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes to Bitburg) – The Ramones I Don’t Care About You – Fear Oh Bondage, Up Yours! – X-Ray Spex Waiting Room – Fugazi Slumlord Sal – Downtown Boys   I liked most of the songs on