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The Beacon sets a new precedent

BY THE BEACON STAFF After The Beacon published its first issue, Principal Kimberly Martin’s decision to institute a policy of prior review for the paper was catapulted into the national spotlight. We heard from friends and family members in other states who had read about The Beacon. We received emails and tweets from members of

Staff Editorial: Prior Review is Indirect Censorship

UPDATE: Sep 17, 2015— The Beacon is once again operating without prior review! We would like thank the 885 people who signed our petition on for their support. UPDATE: Aug 31, 2015 — As of 3 p.m.: Principal Martin is in the process of reconsidering her prior review policy. The editors are revisiting their editorial policies to instate a clearly outlined chain of

Students and Staff Protest Against Police Brutality

BY EMMA BUZBEE, NEWS EDITOR PHOTOGRAPHY BY: CARL STEWART   For a chilly 30 minutes on the morning of December 17, Wilson students stood outside of their school and protested racial profiling and brutality in the police force. They protested with chants, signs, speeches, poetry, and anger over personal experiences. What started off as a

Meet the Staff

Emma Buzbee, Editor-in-Chief Emma Buzbee is the Beacon’s fearless leader. On an unrelated note, Emma is scared of morning meetings, late nights, administrators, and freshmen with perfect makeup. She is so obsessed with the Beacon that she dreams in GroupMe messages. When she is not working on the Beacon, she is busy planning a retort

Staff Editorial on New Dress Code Policy

Is there such thing as a ‘perfect’ dress code policy? Georgetown Day School’s Bobby Asher says that in an ideal world, the dress code would be “a community conversation that involves significant output from kids.” Perhaps, then, the fault in Wilson’s dress code is that it is not a conversation. Students were angered by the

Join Staff

You can join The Beacon’s staff by either… Coming to the Beacon Office C-210 Wednesdays at STEP E-mailing the Beacon at Approaching an editor in the halls Stopping by our adviser Ms. Stryker’s room, C-204A, and express your interest to her

Halloween Spread

In honor of The Beacon’s favorite holiday, we put together some high-quality Halloween-themed content, links to which you can find here. Reviews of some lesser-known types of candy! An investigative article on ghost sightings around Tenleytown! An opinion about trick-or-treating with food allergies! And a spooky crossword puzzle! Enjoy!

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