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Meet the Staff

Chloé Leo, Editor-in-Chief

Chloe commonly referred to as “Cleo” due to her confusing first name-last name combination, has been promoted to Co-Editor-in-Chief her SEN18R year along with her very berry best friend and fellow Nalgene fanatic, Ben. She has been faithfully laboring away at The Beacon since her freshman year. When not writing passionate reviews of local pretzel shops, she can be found encouraging her friend Zola to walk faster or taking pictures of her dogs, who somewhat resemble Albino Lions. Her proudest accomplishment is being able to walk faster than Usain Bolt runs and her one and only pet peeve is slow walkers.

Ben Korn, Editor-in-Chief

Ben Korn is a senior and after three long years holed up in The Beacon office is super excited to be Co-Editor-in-Chief alongside his DAY 1/A-1 friend, Chloe Leo. Although he spends most of his sleeping and waking hours thinking about The Beacon, he can also be found taking laps around the abandoned Hudson Trail Outfitters and buying waffle fries at Chick-fil-a. But not with the special sauce, ‘cause that stuff’s nasty.

Danielle Breslow, Managing Editor 

Danielle Breslow is a senior on the Beacon staff. She has been working on the paper for four years, and would indeed put the publication before her own life. 

Zola Canady, Public Relations and Communications 

Zola is on The Beacon. She is in charge of the communication, so she emails people. Zola is from Hawthorne, and she knows how to drive but not that well.

Carolina Bayon, Web Editor

Eden Breslow, Magazine Editor

Eden or “Big Red,” has been faithfully writing articles since the beginning of her time at Wilson, and is happy to be starting off her senior year as the Magazine co-editor in Chief, alongside her faithful companion, Leo. She is by far the worst speller on The Beacon but makes up for it with her freckles and faux ginger charm. In fact, every time she misspells a word she gains a freckle, and by her senior year, she is sure to disappear into one giant blotch.

Leo Canty, Magazine Editor

One of the most grungiest people you will ever meet. Very cool. He is is a part of the famous Canty trio: Asa, Leo, Truett. But little do you know, Leo’s little sister Mabel is the most famous of them all. Leo likes his coffee black, like his soul. His alma mater is Murch ‘11. His snapchat stories are some of the best you’ll ever seen. He posts edgy selfies. Very edgy.  

Elena Remez, Visual Content Editor

She is the longest-serving Beacon member on staff right now. Is planning on being an 8th year senior so she can be the longest-serving Beacon member EVER.  She is the third Remez child and always likes to play the youngest child card. Her siblings are very impressive and one day she hopes to be as impressive as them.

Meredith Ellison, Written Content Editor

Meredith is a senior who has been writing for The Beacon since her freshman year. Zola Canady and Lebron James are her role models.

Isaac Frumkin, Written Content Editor

Isaac, now a senior, has been writing for The Beacon since his freshman year at Wilson, but really kickstarted his career back in 2009 for the Lafayette ES Sports X-Treme newspaper. He previously served as Sports Editor. In his four years on staff, Isaac has never missed a single late night. When not growing his beard or tearing up tracks all over the DMV, Isaac can be found, in his bed, sleeping.

Mike Dorros, Layout Editor

Mike is a junior and he looooooooves sports. His fav team is the Washington Generals. He also loves to make vector illustrations of sportsball players. For example Tom Gronkowski, and Rob Brady. He uses these skills to create some spicy high-quality graphics for The Beacon newspaper.

Emma Fisher, Layout Editor

Emma is a junior who has been on the beacon grind since the beginning of freshman year. She enjoys being a junior captain on the Fhockey team while still devoting a significant amount of time to her dog, Wonton. She is our class treasurer for class of 2019, (the best class),

Michele Heilman, Layout Editor

Abbey Korman, Business Manager 

Alex Martin, Business Manager 

More like Smartin Martin. Is good writer. Intensity is his middle name. Mr. Smartin Intensity Martin. Say that seven times fast.

Adin McGurk, News Editor

Recently acquired the iPhone 8 Plus, loves the “portrait” feature on the camera. Looks like the character known as “Gumby”. Is a world-class MarioKart player. Has a scar on his face as after getting into a badass fight (he does not condone violence) that went amok. Has 2 consecutive fantasy football titles to his name. Check out his quirky Spotify playlists if you’re ever feeling down. Is known for being a meanie. Very tall. The only person he likes in the world is his dog and then maybe Maya if they’re not in school.

Ellida Parker, News Editor

Ellida Parker is a junior in her third year on the Beacon. Her favorite song is “Chickenhead.” On rare occasions, for people who write exceptionally good news articles, she will hum a couple bars in a locked closet.

Nasirah Fair, Opinions Editor

Nasirah Fair is a vivacious young woman, who goes by the nickname “Nas” or “Nasty Nas”- if you are feeling frisky. Nas is a #SEN18R and she will literally DIE for the class of 2018. She is like the volcano superhero from Spongebob had a baby with Michelle Obama. Although Nas has only been writing for The Beacon since her junior year, she is still a beloved member of our community. In her free time, she loves to paint, write poetry, and rant about Donald Trump.

Ethan Fingerhut, Opinions Editor 

Ethan is a junior and has been writing for The Beacon since he was a freshman and has been promoted to Opinions Editor this year. He is the Junior Class President and enjoys planning killer pep rallies. Known for enjoying “rest,” Ethan frequently takes mental health days to prepare for MarioKart competitions against his “word-class” rival, Adin. During November, you can catch him rocking a classic look: the neck beard.

Ava Ahmann, Features Editor 

Ava Ahmann has been on the Beacon for three years (currently a junior) xD. SHe loves to write about shows and music and things ;p. She lives in Mount Pleasant >:0. Likes SGA and Ultimate. 😉

Maya Wilson, Features Editor

The trick to being Maya Wilson?? 10 minutes of crying a day. Get that out of the way and you can conquer 13 AP classes, 3 school musicals, 2 committed relationships, and 1 big head of hair. Also you have to be obsessed with Owl City the best band of all time. You need a satellite friend you talk to for 23 hours a day and who will write your Beacon bio for you. You need two dogs and the sunniest disposition ever. (For everything but those ten minutes).

Alejandro Diaz-Lopez, Spanish Editor

Alejandro who is definitely the better twin, is the Spanish section editor along with his other half, Alexander. His journey to becoming a Spanish section editor started his freshman year when he wrote his first article in the Spanish section of the Beacon and fell in love with it ever since. Alejandro believes that working with his twin will be enjoyable. Now a sophomore Alejandro is excited to continue and develop the Spanish section. Outside the Beacon, Alejandro likes to spend time with family and friends and participates in the Wilson theatre.

Alexander Diaz-Lopez, Spanish Editor 

Alexander has been writing for the Spanish section of the Beacon since his freshman year at Wilson. Now a sophomore at Wilson, Alexander is excited to preserve the Spanish section as Spanish Editor. He is even more excited that he will be working alongside his partner in crime Alejandro, who is not the better twin. With a little touch of their Twin Magic, they will definitely add spice to the Spanish Section.

Alex Martin, Sports Editor

More like Smartin Martin. Is good writer. Intensity is his middle name. Mr. Smartin Intensity Martin. Say that seven times fast.

Aaron Rosenthal, Sports Editor 

Aaron’s career with words began in sixth grade when he was featured on a SoundCloud rap track. He continued to gain experience with language while naming all 53 of his Webkinz in middle school. He now uses his skills to write about Wilson’s top athletes and make his peers cry during Socratic seminars. He hates rice and forced fun. You will never catch him at a school dance.

Meghan Dayton, Style Editor

Meghan is a junior with THE bangs. Not just bangs. THE BANGS. Meghan likes to treat people with kindness, not just because Harry Styles told her to. Her dog is twenty pounds overweight, but maybe it’s just because its heart is so big. Meghan sometimes forgets the difference between “by,” “buy,” and “bye.” Meghan makes birthdays special.  

Adelaide Kaiser, Style Editor

Adelaide is a junior although she has been referred to as a freshman many times, even by her own father. She is Leo’s neighbor. She has a hit song on iTunes–charted #691,738. These accomplishments pretty much sum up Adelaide, that’s all you need to know. Buy.

Kaye De La Cruz, Photo Editor

Jackson Fox-Bland, Photo Editor

Jackson is a junior and he looooooooooooves lasagna and haaates mondays.

Advisor, Spencer Nissly

Junior Editors:

Jamie Stewart-Aday

Jamie is a sophomore who is in his first year writing for the beacon. Outside of the beacon, he plays baseball and is a member of the Wilson debate team.

Zara Hall

Zara is a sophomore in her second year writing on the Beacon. When not working on articles, you can find her in the pool or sleeping. Her favorite day is Thursday because she loves waking up at 4:15 in the morning!

Ava Nicely

Ava is a sophomore and has been writing for The Beacon since her first year at Wilson when her friend Alexander asked her if she wanted to write an article for the Spanish section, and yes, she has heard many puns about her last name. When not at cross country practice or writing for The Beacon, Ava can be found rewatching New Girl or Grey’s Anatomy.

Chloe Fatsis

Chloe, a sophomore, can most often be found anagramming, Scrabblin’ it up as some say, playing bingo after bingo on the board. She does not in fact have a fat sister, but is an only child, and spends her nights talking to her Scrabble tiles, as she does not have a pet either.

Emma Jacobson

Third on her third year in the Beacon, third year at Wilson, third year doing robotics, third year since the Mets lost the world series.  

Noam Jacobovitz

When Noam isn’t writing magnificent articles, you can find him in the twittersphere, or the worldwide web constantly stalking Wizard’s star, Kelly Oubre. He’s always “eatin’ good” whether that’s his lavish breakfasts, all you can eat buffets at the synagogue or a glizzyfest. Noam is an all-around great dude and always makes sure to keep the grass cut low.

Rose Kelleher

Rose is a junior who is excited to be working on The Beacon for her third year. When not grinding out articles, Rose can be found either crushing it on the volleyball court or whipping her squad in the Subaru. She is also an avid visitor of “Dunks”, also know as the move before school.

Mabel Malhotra

Mabel enjoys stickers, and once wrote an entire poem about chipotle just to get free ones. In her free time, she likes to say hi to her surfer boyfriend. In all seriousness, Mabel is a freaking awesome kind person that you are lucky to be friends with.

Hannah Masling

More commonly referred to as Sam Masling’s sister, Hannah is a sophomore and this is her second year on the Beacon. Catch her walking her cats every week and hanging out with her cats or hanging out with her cats, or hanging out with her cats. Or hanging out with her cats.

Madelyn Shapiro

Madelyn is a sophomore in her second year of writing on The Beacon. When she’s not working on an article or at soccer practice, find her looking up dogs to adopt on the internet or binge watching Friends on Netflix. If you get her a dog (preferably a mini golden doodle) she will love you forever.

Sophie Strazzella 

Sophie=junior. 98% of the time zones out when you talk to her. You’ll never go a day without Sophie saying “Wait… what? I wasn’t listening.” She’ll blurt out irrelevant words such as, “chocolate.” Her immune system is weak. Don’t ask her for a sip of her beverage because she’ll just say “oh wait i’m sick.” Sophie is a legacy. Her brother and sister were visual content EXPERTS. In essence, Sophie is an amazing 16 year old who enjoys laughing and posting pics of her ADORABLE animals.

Michaela Bauman

Michaela is a sophomore who stumbled upon the Beacon during the beginning of her freshman year. After having traveled to Latin America seven whole times, Michaela prefers speaking Spanish over English, which probably explains why she so frequently chooses to write for the Spanish section.

Femi Witherspoon

Lauren Brown