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Meet the Staff

Emma Buzbee, Editor-in-Chief

Emma Buzbee is the Beacon’s fearless leader. On an unrelated note, Emma is scared of morning meetings, late nights, administrators, and freshmen with perfect makeup. She is so obsessed with the Beacon that she dreams in GroupMe messages. When she is not working on the Beacon, she is busy planning a retort that she will one day give to the layout editors in retaliation for their years of joans. The retort hasn’t come yet, but she’s trying her best.

Ellie Melick, Online Editor-in-Chief 

Ellie Melick is a senior who has been writing for The Beacon since she was a freshman. She was Style Editor as a sophomore and Opinions Editor as a junior, and now that she’s in her final year, she’s ecstatic to be the The Beacon’s Online Editor-in-Chief. In addition to working on The Beacon, Ellie is a Wilson Player and a member of her local library’s volunteer squad. She absolutely hates avocados.

Brian Keyes, Online Managing Editor

Brian is a senior who has been writing for the beacon since his freshmen year. He is the Online Managing Editor of The Beacon, although honestly he considers the position more of a curse than a blessing. See, it runs in his family and every fourth day after the new moon he suffers a terrible transformation, and starts to call up everyone on the staff, asking whether or not they’ve gotten their articles in yet, and would they please hurry up and edit that so that it can go up on the website as soon as possible, great, thanks. He loves the Washington Wizards more than life.

Ella Feldman, Print Managing Editor

Ella is a senior and grilled cheese aficionado who’s been writing for The Beacon since her sophomore year. Aside from bossing junior editors around, she enjoys dreaming in both English and Spanish and explaining why popsicles are superior to ice cream. Ella also enjoys posting pictures of her breakfasts on Instagram (@ellamfeld). Whenever she eats a healthy breakfast she feels ready to take over the world and will not put up with anyone’s jazz, so watch out. She will be prepared to drink more smoothies and eat more yogurt with granola if the situation calls for it.

Mason Strazzella, Visual Content Editor

Mason is the Visual Contents Editor of the Beacon, and yes he does like to flaunt that title. He is sometimes called the “perfect person” due to his perfect score on a personality quiz he once took, this gives some insight about his persona. He enjoys redecorating the Beacon room, taunting the Photo Editors, and yelling at people to get out of the room when he’s working! Also, he’s a senior.

Sophie ReVeal, Social Media Editor and News Edtior

Sophie is a senior who has been apart of The Beacon since the very first issue of her freshman year. Although Sophie has had a wide variety of jobs on the paper she has now found her place alongside her bestie Zola in News. She looks forward to an exciting year with all the new staff members.

Alexei Girdis, Layout Editor

Ben Korn, Layout Editor

Ben is a junior and is excited to be layout editor this year.  He can usually be found holed up in the Beacon office worrying about missing captions, blurry photos, and articles that don’t fit.  Any and all layout errors found should be directed to Alexei Girdis.

Maya Edwards, Photo Editor

Maya is a senior and has been with The Beacon for three years. She spends her time snapping pics and bragging about her complete memorization of all lyrics to Hamilton: The Musical. (Challenge her to a rap battle- or should she say- Cabinet Battle). She is deathly afraid of bees and was horrified to discover a TV show literally called, “Maya the Bee.” She can always be found wearing at least one piece of clothing from American Apparel and probably has both pockets filled with sunflower seeds. These are known to be her only source of fuel despite their tendency to get everywhere.

Will Hamlin, Photo Editor

Will is a senior who has been taking and editing photos for the Beacon since freshman year.  He has an intense fear of taxidermy and he really likes The Food Network. He also doesn’t know if he should write anything else, so he’s just going to stop now.

Elena Remez, Photo Editor

Zola Canady, News Editor

Zola is a junior and has been writing for the Beacon since her freshman year. Zola is now a News Editor, known for being a certified Hawthorne resident. When not prancing around the Wilson atrium at an unreasonably slow speed, she can be found eating a pescatarian sandwich at Panera bread or manning the counter at Beefsteak.

Danielle Breslow, Opinions Editor

Danielle Breslow commonly referred to as “the better twin” works to serve her “fearless” leader Emma, who she frequently worships. If you’re lucky, you can catch Danielle strolling down the Beacon hallway, which she references as “her hood.” Her angel like laugh is said to make people cry due to its beauty. And if you’re wondering Danielle does indeed put The Beacon before her own life.

Sam Masling, Opinions Editor
Sam Masling is a senior that finagled his way onto the Beacon staff sometime during his Sophomore year. With 9 free periods Sam can often be found looking for Graphic Designer Jarrah May in the Wilson halls as a personal challenge, given May’s inflammatory albeit possibly misleading staff bio. Excited for the upcoming year of great newspapering, Sam can’t wait to dish out all the opinions there are to be had. Also, Frisbee is not a real sport.

Carolina Bayón, Spanish Editor

Carolina, most commonly known as @colombianbum, is creating The Beacon’s first Spanish section, as a junior and having this be her third year on The Beacon. With no partner in crime, she will often have to refer to herself for the extra help. When she’s not tossing around words on the computer to write her articles, you’ll find her tossing frisbees on the field (or even occasional lines in a play). This year she hopes to add spice to the Beacon in her new position, now that she’s no longer a junior editor.

Eden Breslow, Features Editor

Eden or “Big Red,” has been faithfully writing articles since the beginning of her time at Wilson, and is happy to be starting off her junior year as Features Editor. She is by far the worst speller on The Beacon, but makes up for it with her freckles and faux ginger charm. In fact every time she misspells a word she gains a freckle, and by her senior year she is sure to disappear into one giant blotch.

Chloe Leo, Features Editor

Chloe, commonly referred to as “Cleo” due to her confusing first name-last name combination, has been promoted to Features editor her junior year along with her very berry best friend since birth, Eden. She has been faithfully laboring away at The Beacon since her freshman year. When not snacking in Ms. Strykers room or writing features articles, she can be found encouraging her friend Zola to walk faster or taking pictures of her dog, who somewhat resembles an Albino Lion. Her proudest accomplishment is being able to walk faster than Usain Bolt runs and her one and only pet peeve is slow walkers.

Isaac Frumkin, Sports Editor

Isaac, now a junior, has been writing sports articles for The Beacon since his freshman year at Wilson, but really kickstarted his career back in 2009 for the Lafayette ES Sports X-Treme newspaper. In his three years on staff, Isaac has never missed a single late night, and always remembers the cream cheese when it his turn to get bagels. When not playing baseball or tearing up tracks all over the DMV, Isaac can be found, in his bed, sleeping.

Alex Martin, Sports Editor

Alex is The Beacon’s superior Sports Editor and most frequent user of SpellCheck. He is commonly referred to as a 12 year old in a 16 year old’s skin. He has been a prospect for the position since age four. Prior to joining the staff, Alex founded the I hate Isaac Frumkin club in the seventh grade, and could often be found purchasing $40 headphones at Best Buy to add to his already large collection. His hobbies include scoping out DC’s best record stores and not being able to walk in a straight line. He prides himself in being the only person to ever talk to the freshmen.

Leo Canty, Style Editor

Commander Leo to mission control! Astronaut and space exploring extraordinaire is coming in for landing in the Style section of The Beacon his junior year. After circumnavigating the universe three times, his ship was taken over by some wild space pirates and now is stuck on Earth in his mortal terrestrial form.

Sarah Robinson, Style Editor

Arrghh! Cap’n Sarah Robinson is taking the wheel of the vessel that is the Style section of The Beacon in her senior year. Hobbies include: swashbuckling, walking the plank, sailing around the asteroid belt, and teaching her parrot, Leo, to sing.

Ava Ahmann, Junior Editor

Ava is a hardworking sophomore who is ecstatic to write for The Beacon for her second consecutive year. Ava enjoys walking on the beach with her dog Bruno, and making groovy playlists for every occasion and every person who asks. All the while playing the drums in her room to prepare for when her band comes over to jam. Of course this takes place after she practices Frisbee to prepare for the tournaments for which she accidentally gets voted MVP.

Meg Buzbee, Junior Editor

Meg Buzbee’s real name is Margaret, but she prefers Kansas Born Beetle. She is a sophomore who has been working on the beacon since she was conceived! She comes from a long line of journalists (see Emma Buzbee), so when she officially joined the staff at the beginning of her freshmen year, it was no sweat. Her pastimes include journaling and trying to steal Editor-in-Chief from her sister.

Anna Cestari, Junior Editor
Anna Cestari is a sophomore who has been writing for the Beacon since freshman year. Anna, on top of being a journalist and a member of SGA, is an athlete with a sunny disposition despite being injured (indefinitely.) Her favorite place to be is in the weight room, on the bike to be exact, completing whatever workout Dunham throws in her direction. Anna enjoys walking her dog Barnaby and listening to a steady stream of Halsey, One Direction, and Five Seconds of Summer (better known as 5SOS.)

Meghan Dayton, Junior Editor

Meghan is a sophomore who began working for The Beacon her freshman year. She has pretty cool bangs and is constantly asked, “Will you ever grow them out?” Currently, the answer is no. Other than answering questions about her hair, she loves playing soccer and journaling.

Meredith Ellison, Junior Editor

Meredith is a Junior who has been writing for The Beacon since her freshman year. In her free time, she can be found speeding around Wilson’s track or shushing her friends in film club. She is often mistaken for Steph Curry when launching half-court shots at Janney Elementary.

Emma Jacobson, Junior Editor

Emma, a sophomore, has been writing for the Beacon since freshman year and balances her time writing articles with being a robotics super nerd. You can find Emma playing catcher for Wilson or playing seven nation army on her bass! Emma is a great conversationalist known for her “your mom!” comments. Sadly, it is only possible to talk to her during the fleeting months where there is no baseball. When it’s baseball season Emma hides in her cave watching ESPN, eating gluten free pastries from Rise and plotting revenge on Daniel Murphy.

Adelaide Kaiser, Junior Editor

Adelaide is a sophomore who started writing for the Beacon in her freshman year. If she’s not avoiding homework by watching Grey’s Anatomy, you can probably find her at a concert. It’s also entirely possible that she’s sitting at a piano with both her dogs on her lap. Her biggest achievement is her “reaction pics” folder on her phone, which currently has 74 pictures to help her react to anything.

Mabel Malhotra, Junior Editor

Mabel is a sophomore who has been working on The Beacon since the beginning of freshman year. Some things she enjoys include waking up at 4:30 in the morning for no reason at all and Nature Valley granola bars. Her number one talent is being able to play any song on the recorder. ANY song. So much so that Dr. Wright himself asked her to consider joining the national orchestra. She is insanely famous on YouTube with 64 million subscribers, but she still likes to keep her channel discrete.

Adin McGurk, Junior Editor

Emily Oliphant, Junior Editor

Emily is an Aquarius who LOVES dogs. She’s been writing for The Beacon since the beginning of freshman year, but when you’re reading this she’ll be a sophomore! Her life motto is “jump first, look second” and she’s got sort of a chaotic neutral vibe. She’s been called “the weirdest member” of the Wilson quiz bowl team, but every other member is also equally weird. You can find her playing Mario Kart Wii by herself, putting quotation marks where they don’t belong or “doing homework.”

Ellida Parker, Junior Editor
Ellida Parker is a sophomore who has been cranking it out for the Beacon since the dawn of time (freshman year!). Her favorite pastimes include contemplative walks in the woods late at night and counting how many times she can trip down the Wilson staircases in one day. (Her record is 400,000,000,000). Some confuse her with her best friend, Beyoncé, because they look almost identical.

Clare Trinity, Junior Editor

Maya Wilson, Junior Editor

Maya Wilson is a sophomore has been writing for the Beacon since the beginning of freshman year. Some say her big hair is full of secrets, but really it’s just happiness and love for The Beacon.

Talia Zitner, Junior Editor

Talia, often referred to as “Smalia” due to her full height of 5’1”, is a dedicated sophomore who is amped to be writing for The Beacon again since the beginning of her freshman year. Her hobbies include baking cookies to avoid Algebra II homework and spending what little money she has on overpriced coffee from Whole Foods. She hopes that one day Brian Keyes will wave back to her in the hallway.

Jarrah May, Special Graphics Correspondent

Jarrah May is a senior who started doing graphics for the beacon in his freshman year. When he’s not begging Mason for more graphics he’s…. actually that’s all he does. Be sure to look out for him in the halls, because he definitely still goes to Wilson.

Spencer Nissly, Staff Adviser

A god who walks among us.

Louis Lane, Business Manager

Louis is Wilson’s modeling expert: whether it’s data modeling, 3D modeling, or fashion modeling he’s got it covered. Louis is currently a senior and has been the Beacon’s Business manager since 2015. You can often find him in the Robotics Lab crying over some math or physics problem, alternatively he will be building a robot that will ultimately only lead to more tears. If Louis isn’t in the Robotics Lab you can find him running around the halls pretending to be a teacher.

Special thanks to the Wilson Robotics Team for their ongoing assistance with The Beacon’s website!