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Brain and Consciousness Club Blows Minds


Bill Marks wants to raise our consciousness. Marks is currently mentoring the Wilson Robotics club, but is expanding his commitment to the student body with the formation of a “Consciousness Club” next month. The 80-year-old former neuroscientist and physicist is from Montgomery, Alabama and has been interested in consciousness his entire life.

“It stemmed really as a young boy,” he tells me. “I kept wondering, ‘What’s this little voice in my head that only I can hear?’ Once I found out it was called a consciousness, I researched and researched it. I wanted to know why it’s there and why only I could hear it”.

“The purposes of the club are for students to seek out and explore books related to the subject of consciousness, and bring them in for discussion,” Marks said. “We will critique the books, and determine whether we agree with what the writers are saying or not.”

Some examples of the books Marks plans to explore are “Proof of Heaven”by Eben Alexander and “The Conscious Mind” by David Chalmers. Marks has been involved mostly with robotics and other science clubs that have existed here at Wilson, but recently he began to think that some students would share his interest in the subject of consciousness. Marks realizes the subject is not for everyone however, and does not expect students to come into the club with a complete grasp of the subject.

“It would take quite an extraordinary student mind to be able to fully understand the subject, but it would not be required to fully understand it,” Marks said. “My hope is for the students to share their opinion of the subject, not to comprehend the subject without difficulty.”

The club is scheduled to begin after school May 5 in room B101, and is open to all students and teachers interested. If you have questions, look for Marks in the Robotics lab, B101, on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school and during STEP.