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Carlos Hood: Music Man


Graphic by: Jane Martin and Ellice Ellis

Junior Carlos Hood is a Kanye-loving, joke-cracking, flute-playing, aspiring musician with a fresh outlook on life. The Beacon’s Sarah Marion sat down with him to talk about his love of music and his goals.


Sarah Marion: When did you develop your passion for music?

Carlos Hood: I guess since I was a little kid, music has always been a main component in my life. Growing up, I figured that my body or speed wasn’t up to par to play sports like my older brother so I took a different route with music. I’m so glad I did because this road trip has been great.

SM: What instruments do you play?

CH: I play a variety of instruments. I started playing the flute, the piano, the entire drum percussion family, the spoons, the body (physically hitting myself), the ukulele, and I do believe that the voice is an instrument in and of itself with beatboxing and singing. So a grand total of seven.


SM: Which artists inspire you and what are you favorite songs, artists, and/or genres?

CH: I listen to a variety of music, from country to jazz, because I believe each artist has a story and the genre would just have to be the medium by which they express it. Although I am a big fan of Eminem and Earth, Wind, and Fire, my favorite genre has to be jazz with those crunchy yet smooth chord progressions and bass lines.

SM: Can you tell me about a piece you’re working on?

CH:  Currently I am working on a lot of projects in and outside of school. I’m constantly whipping up new ideas with our school choir and our acappella music and writing music for the upcoming Shakespeare play. As for personal projects, I plan on releasing my first actual mixtape this summer beyond me just dropping singles or doing features.

SM: What role does music play in your life?

CH: Music and I are currently in a polygamist relationship. I love it and I can always listen to it at anytime. I say we’re in a polygamist relationship because music can’t be only mine because it’s a universal language and medium that brings all walks of humanity together.

SM: Where do you hope to see your music career in 10 years?

CH: I don’t necessarily want to be famous, but I’m not saying that it wouldn’t be nice. I would like to say that I’m more humble with my music and in 10 plus years I just want to make good music for people to connect to. Not only consciously but unconsciously as well. I want to create music that people can understand the story and flat out crank to.


SM: Kanye, Jay Z, or Lamar?

CH: Yeezy, Jigga, or K-Dot? Sheesh, well they all have mad flow and legacy even with the fact that they are all alive and Kendrick is still relatively young. But if I had to choose, with no disrespect to anyone, then I got to go with Kanye. He’s the man; he sets goals and gets them without any caution. I love the samples he uses and the built-from-scratch beats he lays out. I once had a dream that we produced a beat together. But those are dreams. Maybe one day people can relate me to Kanye. You know, minus the dropping out of college, getting my mouth wired shut, going crazy, running into signs, marrying a famous-for-humping chick, and telling Sway that he doesn’t have the answers. But just making G.O.O.D music. See what I did there?