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Chloe Leo

Gym class hosts badminton tournament

Every year in early fall Desmond Dunham, one of Wilson’s physical education teachers, takes pride in hosting a badminton tournament to rap up the badminton unit in his P.E. II classes. This year’s competition recently concluded after several weeks of preparation. Dunham prepares his classes by teaching them various strokes, and by giving them time

New restaurants come to Tenleytown

Tenleytown is home not only to Wilson High School and many of its students, but also to a large variety of enterprises. With the exception of several mattress stores, a CVS, Tenley Liquor, and Middle C Music, the majority of businesses on the Tenley stretch of Wisconsin avenue are restaurants. In recent months it has

Pinned in Palisades: M4 bus leaves students stranded on weekends

Think about it: It’s  Saturday afternoon and the so called “move” is in Tenleytown. You think to yourself “Hey, that’s convenient for me,” because Tenley is a mere one point five to three miles from your hypothetical abode in the Palisades/ Chevy Chase area. Except you’re wrong. It’s not convenient for you. Because you’ve failed

Students Vie for Place on Homecoming Throne

BY CHLOE LEO, JUNIOR EDITOR Each year, homecoming nominees hang countless posters up above the water fountains and around the school, with Instagram selfies and Snapchats, in hopes of winning a position in Wilson’s homecoming court.   This year, the homecoming dance will take place Saturday, October 24, and the vote for Homecoming Court will