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Ella Feldman

Jane the Virgin embraces diversity and attacks stereotypes

On March 7, the night before International Women’s Day, the Villanueva women confronted the issue of slut shaming in front of about one million viewers. The family, which consists of three multi-generational ladies, is the central focus of The CW’s “Jane the Virgin” (JTV). Consisting of a religious abuela, a mom who got pregnant as

Tenley WinterFest brings restaurant deals, yetis, and joy to Tenleytown

The winter holidays are all about spreading cheer, whether it be amongst friends, family, or neighbors. The Tenleytown community will get its cup of cheer through the fourth annual Tenley WinterFest, which commenced on November 27. WinterFest is a weeklong celebration of the season for the whole neighborhood, which includes participation from local stores, schools,

Landmark Music Festival brings something new to DC

BY ELLA FELDMAN, STYLE EDITOR The year was 2013. I was sitting next to my cool new high school friend in the backseat of her car with Vampire Weekend blasting through the speakers. Excitement was running through our bodies, which were dressed in frilly crop tops, high waisted shorts, and oversized cardigans. Her dad was

Alice Deal Middle School Renovates Historic Landmark

BY ELLA FELDMAN, STYLE EDITOR An official historic landmark lies just about 500 yards away from Wilson. The Jesse Reno School, which was open to students around the Tenleytown neighborhood in the early twentieth century, was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2010. This landmark is currently under renovation to become an

Playlist: Girls Rule!


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