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To B or not to B*

Do Black lives matter or do black lives matter? The Beacon editorial staff was conflicted about whether or not to capitalize “Black” when referring to the racial group. In our February issue, The Beacon staff decided to capitalize “Black.” By doing so, we were hoping to start a discussion among the Wilson community and to

Westboro Baptist Church Protests at Sidwell Friends

BY EMMA BUZBEE, NEWS EDITOR Cold silence from about 100 Sidwell students greeted three women from the Westboro Baptist Church as they protested outside Sidwell Friends School from 7:15 to 8:00 a.m. on November 11. The church’s homophobic chants, colorful signs, and parodies of pop songs, all aspects of the normal Westboro routine, were present

A word with Kaya Henderson: Chancellor speaks about DCPS’s state of education

BY EMMA BUZBEE, NEWS EDITOR Six student journalists from Wilson, Woodson, and Anacostia High Schools interviewed DCPS Chancellor Kaya Henderson on September 30, prior to Henderson’s annual State of the Schools address. The Beacon was allowed to ask two questions, printed below. In the three weeks that followed, Henderson has been unavailable for additional interviews.

Switching Schedules Becomes More Difficult

  BY EMMA BUZBEE, NEWS EDITOR Students will have a hard time changing their schedules in the upcoming 2015-2016 school year. A new scheduling system named Aspen, put in place by former Assistant Principal Marybeth Waits, gives counselors less control over the schedules. Counselors no longer have the power to override the system and put

School Uniform Rumors Untrue

BY EMMA BUZBEE, NEWS EDITOR Rumors about a school uniform requirement for the upcoming 2015-2016 school year have been denied by Principal Kimberly Martin and Assistant Principal Gregory Bargeman. Martin, new to Wilson this year, acknowledged that she had heard the rumors, but did not believe there were any dress code changes. Bargeman unequivocally stated

Teacher Colman McCarthy Leaves Wilson After 30 Years

  BY EMMA BUZBEE, NEWS EDITOR Social Issues teacher Colman McCarthy ended his 30 years of teaching at Wilson abruptly last December. Midway through the second advisory, he stopped attending his class and was replaced by his son. McCarthy was told by an administrator in December that the spring semester of his class Social Issues

Student Dissatisfaction Disregarded in Teacher Evaluations

BY EMMA BUZBEE, NEWS EDITOR *This article appeared in the February edition of our print issue Anticipation quickly turns to disappointment and frustration when a student gets their new school schedule in late summer and sees the name they’ve been dreading: that terrible teacher cursed by so many of their friends. The only glimmer of

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