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Emma Jacobson

Different Regions Dominate Different Sports

As we all know, the West Coast is significantly warmer than the East Coast, in the summer as well as throughout the year. Due to the differences in these climates, it highlights aspects such as sports. Key sports affected by this are baseball, softball, football, soccer, and hockey Baseball and Softball: It may be thought

Students meet to discuss dress code policy

Around sixty students gathered at STEP on Wednesday, May 4 to discuss their opinions and experiences with Wilson’s dress code policy.  The meeting took place in room 205 and was mostly attended by girls. To start off the discussion, junior Alexandra Radifera asked everyone to answer an online survey she and other organizers of the

Japanese exchange students come to Wilson

BY EMMA JACOBSON, CONTRIBUTOR It would’ve been hard to miss the 103 Japanese exchange students that joined Wilson for one day on Tuesday, November 3. The students traveled 6771 miles from their high school, Kachi Mirai, in Saitama, Japan. The students previously spent a few days in Philadelphia before coming to DC. As soon as