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Wilson wins big honors at C-SPAN video contest

Every year Wilson students participate in film competitions across the country. From San Diego, California to Atlanta, Georgia, students in Kadesha Bonds’ Mass Media and Communication classes enter videos in hopes of winning local and national awards. This year, students in Bonds’ class entered the C-SPAN Documentary contest. The theme for this year’s contest was

Questions remain in wake of gun incident

Two days after a Wilson student brought a gun into school, questions and apprehensions surrounding the incident persist. At around 1:15 p.m. on Tuesday, December 1, a gun was removed from a student’s backpack in a math classroom on the fourth floor. A video showing the gun was posted to Snapchat, but later deleted. Many

Gun confiscated from Wilson student

This story has been updated with Principal Martin’s most recent communication.  Administrators found and removed a gun from a student’s backpack today at approximately 1:15 after a video clip showing the gun was posted on Snapchat.  Principal Kimberly Martin sent out an email to the Wilson community at approximately 2 p.m.. In the email, she

A week without: Makeup

Co-Editor-in-Chief Helen Malhotra tries a week without makeup.  If someone had asked me to go a week without makeup during my freshman year, when I, along with all of my peers, was teeming with insecurities, I would have ‘made up’ an excuse not to. But now, as a senior, I was excited to embark on

Question and Answer with Kimberly Martin

TRANSCRIBED BY SOPHIE REVEAL, MANAGING EDITOR The Beacon’s Erin Doherty had the opportunity to speak to Kimberly Martin, Wilson’s incoming principal for the 2015-2016 school year, in a phone interview. Martin’s appointment as Wilson principal was announced June 2 by DCPS Chancellor Kaya Henderson after a months-long interview and selection process. Erin Doherty: Can you

Softball Can’t Strike Out*

BY ERIN DOHERTY, SPORTS EDITOR It had the look of an extra-base hit at least, and maybe a home run. The ball jumped off of the bat of the National Cathedral School player and flew toward the outfield at Guy Mason field. But two Wilson players, sophomore Kimberly Manalang and senior Alexis Coates, were determined

Wilson’s Track Is Just A Little Short

BY ERIN DOHERTY, SPORTS EDITOR Three hundred-forty-two meters. Not 400, not 300, but exactly 342 meters. This is the length of the Wilson outdoor track. It may be the only 342 meter track in the world. For runners, the 342-meter track requires some accommodation.  A “400,” or 400 meters, is a popular distance and one

Are We Taking the Fun Out of Sports?

BY ERIN DOHERTY, SPORTS EDITOR A New York City soccer club advertises the fact that its young players are “poised for elite-level soccer,” suggesting prospects of success and college scholarships. These players may or may not have bright futures in the sport. It is a little hard to tell since they have not yet reached their sixth

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