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SATIRE: Bobcat on the loose

National Zoo officials scrambled to find the 25 pound bobcat, Ollie, who escaped Monday, January 30, eventually finding her at the Zoo three days later. But, where was she those three days she was not in her enclosure? A source close to the bobcat gave us the details of Ollie’s great escape. MONDAY 7:30 a.m.-

January sees big bump in gym membership

Every January 1, New Year’s resolutions are put in place. The most common resolution: to get in shape. In these harsh winter months, the only way make an attempt to do so is by joining a gym. During December and January, many gyms receive a 15% increase in memberships. However, by February the majority of

Colleges in DC

George Washington University: One of the larger school’s in DC, George Washington University’s campus is in bustling Foggy Bottom. The school is known for its hospital and schools of education, law, and human development. GW is very modern. It’s an ideal school for those looking for an urban educational experience, and for sports fans, it’s

DMV hosts Trump supporters and Protesters

With the estimated one million visitors coming to DC for the 2017 Inauguration and the Women’s March on Washington the day after, the DMV area is tasked with housing them. The Trump supporters and protesters visiting the District have managed to fill up all of the hotels in the area, so many have had to

SATIRE: Trump’s tweets analyzed

With a 140 character limit on Twitter, Trump’s tweets may be a bit hard to understand sometimes. To help you out, we analyzed some of his tweets so they make (a little) more sense. Trump; A 140 Character Visionary, Tweets Analyzed “Dishonest media says Mexico won’t be paying for the wall if they pay a

Wilson students celebrate many holidays this winter break

Discounted items decorate every store window. Wreaths and lights have been put up on houses. Radios play Christmas music on a loop. In other words, it’s December. The holiday season is different for everyone. A survey of a group of Wilson students showed that 75% celebrate Christmas, 9% celebrate Hannukah, 11% celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah,

Ellie’z Tipz 4 Good Health of the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Huānyíng, varavēṟpu, selamat datang, and welcome, to the 11th official installment of Ellie’z Tipz! For this milestone edition, I am rewarding my faithful fans with a gift, the most precious gift in all the world: Health. Which is why I greeted you all in Mandarin, Tamil, Malay, and English– those are the four official languages

The Science Behind…your brain and meditation

Meditation- it’s not just for hippies! New scientific research is suggesting that meditation could actually change the overall function of the human brain. Meditation is the process of checking in with the state of the body and the mind through stillness and anchors. The easiest way to meditate is to sit, stand, or lay down

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