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Greg Kopetsky

Cop or Nah: Starbucks fall drinks

BY GREG KOPETSKY, FEATURES EDITOR, AND MATTHEW SMEE, SPORTS EDITOR Disclaimer: We do not mess with Starbucks in any way, shape, or form. If you go to Starbucks every day for a year, you are spending close to two stacks, which is enough money to send yourself to St. Albans for two full weeks. That

Sprit week calendar

GRAPHIC BY NICHO JOCHNICK On Saturday, Spirit Week will be topped off by the homecoming football game at 2 pm against Anacostia, and the homecoming dance at 7:30 pm.

Intramural Basketball Heats Up At Wilson

BY GREG KOPETSKY, WEB FEATURES EDITOR It’s a celebration of crossovers, showboating, and terrible shot selection. It’s March, ladies and gentlemen, and intramural basketball is in full swing at Wilson. This month, 9 teams entered the tournament to compete for the intramural trophy and the bragging rights that come with it. Like every year, games have been played every

Q and A with Mr. Bargeman

BY SOPHIE REVEAL AND GREG KOPETSKY Q: Are you a redskins fan? A: I am not. I am a Miami Dolphins fan. Q: So you have no opinion on the Redskins future then? A: Future meaning the name of the Redskins?..or… Q: Either A: I personally think it should be changed. I like the Washington

Cop or Nah: Public

BY GREG KOPETSKY, WEB FEATURES EDITOR & MATTHEW SMEE, WEB SPORTS EDITOR Possibly the one restaurant you haven’t been to within a javelin throw of Wilson, Public Tenley will change how you view the number of restaurants in Tenley, but not much else. With cliché sports decor and an excess of TVs, Public Tenley provides