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Automatic calculations of final grades concerns teachers

At the beginning of the school year, DCPS implemented Aspen, a new attendance and grade reporting software. While it was implemented earlier this school year, the issue of Aspen automatically calculating student’s final marks only recently came into light when teachers with semester classes had to enter final grades last week and realized that there

A week without: Makeup

Co-Editor-in-Chief Helen Malhotra tries a week without makeup.  If someone had asked me to go a week without makeup during my freshman year, when I, along with all of my peers, was teeming with insecurities, I would have ‘made up’ an excuse not to. But now, as a senior, I was excited to embark on

Student Employment Program Fails to Provide Career Experience

BY HELEN MALHOTRA, CO-EDITOR-IN-CHIEF The Summer Youth Employment Program, SYEP, spent close to $14 million and hired around 15,000 youths this summer to keep them off the street, out of the heat, and to give them a meaningful work experience. However, there are signs that SYEP lacks the quality service it strives to provide for

Student Government Association Candidate Statements

COMPILED BY HELEN MALHOTRA, CO-EDITOR-IN-CHIEF The candidates for the 2015-2016 Student Government Association sent in statements on what they hope to accomplish if elected and why Wilson students should vote for them. Not all candidates were able to send in statements, but they are listed underneath their corresponding category. Wilson students will vote for the new SGA members in

Ms.Bean Retires After 16 Years*

BY HELEN MALHOTRA, WEB NEWS EDITOR Sandy Bean, Wilson’s renowned college counselor, is retiring after 16 years of hard work. Next year, if Wilson’s reduced budget allows, Patrice Arrington will be stepping up to take over the College and Career Center. This has been a place for students to get help with the college process

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