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People Review: M4 Miracle

My phone had two percent when I hopped on the bus, so I tucked it into the front pocket of my backpack and settled into the comfy blue upholstery of the bus with my book, bag and water bottle nestled beside me. 15 short minutes later I tugged the yellow cord, grabbed my backpack and

¿Uno Más? Standardized tests should be multi-lingual

It’s a crisp autumn morning. Pencils are sharpened, students are remarkably on-time, breakfasts are eaten and parents have encouraged their children to try their best. It’s October 11, and almost every single student is preparing to take either the SAT or the PSAT, moving one important step closer to college. All except one particular population

Animal cruelty: Why I stopped going to zoos

Zoological institutions have been around since 1847. Whether for educational purposes or fun, almost everybody has been to a zoo before. Originally, zoos were established to educate the public on particular species and how they interact with one another in their habitats. However, studies are discovering that zoos are not as harmless as they may

Safe sex makes sense

When I was little, my mom used to show me her birth control pills while I sat in the bathroom, watching her get ready for work. They were arranged in a beautiful rainbow pattern, a mysterious circle of medication that we dubbed, “no baby pills.” To me, birth control has always seemed like a rational,

There are more important things than Delta Math

As students attending Wilson, we’re all familiar with the annual summer assignments. We receive a reading and math assignment, and if you’re lucky, an AP assignment. I would never mind the reading assignments because they always correlated with the curriculum for the first advisory unit. The AP assignments were extremely tedious but effective in preparing

White Privilege: Not a Liberal Hoax

The summer before my final year of middle school, Darren Wilson, a white police officer, shot and killed Michael Brown, an unarmed Black man in Ferguson, Missouri. The unjust event angered many across the nation, sparking protests and the national recognition of the Black Lives Matter movement and their slogan “hands up don’t shoot.” The

Schools should rethink their use of letter grades

Countries all around the world use the letter grade system. Though the letters and the percentages assigned to them slightly vary from country to country, most people are familiar with the system. People are so used to A through F grading that no one realizes its faults. Most people know the feeling of getting back

Lowering the drinking age has societal benefits

In the United States, the Minimum Legal Drinking Age (MLDA), is 21 years old. The thought behind this law is to protect the developing minds of young people, however, I believe it does the opposite. The current MLDA makes it difficult for young adults to get alcohol; therefore when they have the rare opportunity to

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