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Affirmative action equalizes the corrupt college admission process

The college application process is long, stressful, and difficult for practically every senior across the United States. While some students applied early and already received their acceptance letters, many are still waiting in anticipation for a rejection or welcome note. Students have poured their hearts into essays and scrambled to add accomplishments to their resumes

Staff Editorial: Attendance policy blindsides student body

DCPS decisions should be made with consideration for what is best for the students, and should not be knee-jerk reactions to public relations crises. Following the scandal at Ballou High School, DCPS called for an immediate crackdown on the implementation of the preexisting attendance grading policy intended to combat truancy, seemingly as a response to

Shortened winter break exacerbates student stress

Most students at Wilson can agree that the length of winter break is extremely unsatisfactory. In the past, students were able to enjoy two full weeks off of school. This year, we were a couple full school days short. In the final days leading up to break, the few remaining students in town were saddened

Sexism present in science products

The Science Techno Barbie comes with a spinning closet rack, a rotating shoe rack, and a washing machine. The gendered appliances reinforce sexist stereotypes instead of breaking down a barrier. While it is good to see Barbie use engineering to solve issues, this proves the idea that science must be dumbed down for girls to

People Review: M4 Miracle

My phone had two percent when I hopped on the bus, so I tucked it into the front pocket of my backpack and settled into the comfy blue upholstery of the bus with my book, bag and water bottle nestled beside me. 15 short minutes later I tugged the yellow cord, grabbed my backpack and

¿Uno Más? Standardized tests should be multi-lingual

It’s a crisp autumn morning. Pencils are sharpened, students are remarkably on-time, breakfasts are eaten and parents have encouraged their children to try their best. It’s October 11, and almost every single student is preparing to take either the SAT or the PSAT, moving one important step closer to college. All except one particular population

Animal cruelty: Why I stopped going to zoos

Zoological institutions have been around since 1847. Whether for educational purposes or fun, almost everybody has been to a zoo before. Originally, zoos were established to educate the public on particular species and how they interact with one another in their habitats. However, studies are discovering that zoos are not as harmless as they may

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