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Is protesting effective?

Civil disobedience is the act of opposing a law one considers unjust and peacefully disobeying it while accepting the consequences. This concept isn’t new to DC students. On November 14th, 2016, over 300 of us participated in a city-wide walkout to demonstrate unity and represent a population that refused to be ignored by our new

Stereotypes of Black culture still persist in media

Although Hollywood has made drastic improvements in the field of diversity and has successfully increased inclusion of Black actors, many of the Black characters portrayed in movies and on television are stereotypes. These harmful stereotypes perpetuate outdated beliefs about Black people and their behavior. Black people are often only represented through a handful of caricatures

Fast fashion brings hidden dangers

Fashion is everywhere. It can be found in a window on the way to school, in magazines, on the sides of busses, and all over the internet. Posters of women in cable knit sweaters and the newest shoe trend surround us, yet we rarely question where it all comes from. The answer? Generally anywhere but

“Alternative facts” are dangerous lies

True or false? 2+2=5. While this sounds completely ridiculous, with the rise of “alternative facts,” the line between fact and fiction begins to blur. Kellyanne Conway (U.S. Counselor to the President) coined the term “alternative facts” on January 22nd, during a Meet the Press interview. Conway was defending the White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer,

College athletes deserve to be paid for their services

Many student athletes, particularly football and men’s basketball players, play college sports at significant risk to themselves and their professional futures. If these student athletes are injured, their careers could be over, and but they play their hardest and still aren’t paid for their services, an unfair deal which allows universities to generate huge profit

The Women’s March leaves necessary voices out

It’s been a month since the Women’s March, an event that made history. It was the largest march ever organized for the advancement of women, and the messages that were sent did not go unheard. In photographs, pink “pussy hats” and signs that embrace the female body go as far as the eye can see.

“Triggered” jokes cause real harm

“Oh my god, I’m triggered!” These are words that we hear on a daily basis about everything from a math test to Beyonce getting pregnant with twins. Being “triggered” is basically saying that whatever you’re talking about has caused some sort of emotional response. They may seem harmless, but in reality saying “triggered” as a

The problem with the White House’s Holocaust statement

  Donald Trump released a brief statement to commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day a couple of weeks ago. However, his statement was missing one key word: Jews. Many people realized this upon the statement’s release, and a lot of complaints started to flood in as a result. However, despite the complaints, Trump and his administration

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