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Crime spikes citywide

BY RACHEL PAGE, WRITTEN CONTENT EDITOR Number 48 was Tamara Gliss, shot in the head during a Memorial Day barbecue in Northwest DC. She was a mother, a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter. She attended church regularly and once organized a community cookout for a local firefighter. Number 99 was Loretta Carswell, a retired bus

My Life So Far: Sebastian Riggs

BY RACHEL PAGE, WRITTEN CONTENT EDITOR Sebastian Riggs may be only a freshman, but he has the air of someone much older. It could be his close cropped hair and studded ears, or the fact that he’s taking physics as a freshman. Or maybe it’s because he’s seen more of the world than the average

Wilson Juniors Debate About Feminism

BY RACHEL PAGE, FEATURES EDITOR Juniors Gavrielle Jacobovitz and Eva Shapiro debated their way to semifinals at the Lakeland Westchester Classic debate tournament on February 27, earning them a bid to the prestigious Tournament of Champions. The debaters’ wins put them in the top four of the 46 teams that attended the tournament, which was

My Life So Far: Tobias “HTML” Shapinsky

BY RACHEL PAGE, FEATURES EDITOR *This article appeared in the February edition of the print issue  Most Wilson students spent their winter breaks catching up with family or enjoying the cold weather, but junior Tobias Shapinsky had greater goals in mind: a worldwide coding contest hosted by Google. Shapinsky was one of the 36 finalists

Mark Davidson Brings International Diplomacy to Wilson

  BY RACHEL PAGE PHOTO BY CARL STEWART Mark Davidson stands by the whiteboard with a green dry erase marker in his hands. He has just finished writing the words “Embassy,” “Department of State,” and “Consulate,” on the board, vocabulary terms for the lecture he is about to give. Davidson is a member of the

Ferguson Non-Indictment Verdict Sparks Outrage

BY RACHEL PAGE, FEATURES EDITOR Senior Rodney Savoy saw it on TV. “At first I was mad,” he says, “and then I thought, I could be next. The people sitting next to me could be next.” He shakes his head. “I was so angry I couldn’t sleep.” Wilson students learned about the non-indictment verdict from

D.C. Council to Vote on “Offensive” Mascots

BY RACHEL PAGE, FEATURES EDITOR On September 23, DC Councilmembers Kenyan McDuffie and David Grosso introduced a bill to ban the use of race-based nicknames, logos, mascots, and team names in DC educational institutions. If passed, the bill would insert the ban into DC’s Human Rights Act of 1977, which already prohibits acts of racial