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Wilson students shine at Arts Fest

The Wilson Atrium, usually only home to a fishy stench and kids ditching class, came alive with art on May 25 during the fourth annual Wilson Arts Fest. There was a huge drawing hanging over the front entrance, an open mic by the cafeteria, and numerous tables, each with a different student selling artwork. The

Fast fashion brings hidden dangers

Fashion is everywhere. It can be found in a window on the way to school, in magazines, on the sides of busses, and all over the internet. Posters of women in cable knit sweaters and the newest shoe trend surround us, yet we rarely question where it all comes from. The answer? Generally anywhere but

Japandroids new album lacks energy

When “Celebration Rock” came out in 2012, it was something of a revelation. Right as the alternative rock scene started to pivot towards more mellow, relaxed sounds like Beach House and Mac Demarco, Japandroids put out a genuinely good classic rock album. The guitars had the right amount distortion, the drums the right amount of

Yayoi Kasuma art now “dots” DC museum

Yayoi Kusama, an eccentric 90-year-old Japanese avant-garde artist currently residing in an asylum in Tokyo, is coming to DC. Actually, the artist herself isn’t, but her work is — starting February 23, the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden are installing a series of Kusama’s sculpture, installations, and paintings: “Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors.” The retrospective will

Moonlight astonishes in theaters

In an era where compassion has fallen out of fashion in favor of fear and willful ignorance, Moonlight offers a beacon of hope for fellowship of man. This past year, political strife exposed the gouges that years of self-segregation have carved out upon our collective consciousness, and it became depressingly apparent that our wonderful melting

Moana brings island flavor to movie screen

Some are saying it’s the new Frozen— some say it’s even better. Disney dropped its newest princess movie this past November, Moana, and it’s a huge hit. The cast consists of Hollywood favorites as well as actors and actresses on-the-rise. Set in Hawaii on the island of a Polynesian tribe, the animated film tells the

La La Land brings Old-Hollywood dazzle to new age

The opening scene of “La La Land” could not be more LA: bright blue sky, beautiful people, traffic jam. After panning over various frustrated drivers (who have now come to a complete standstill), the camera lingers on a cheery woman in a bright yellow dress. Her lighthearted humming turns into a full on musical number,

“The Secret Garden” brings new innovation to old classic

The Shakespeare Theater Company’s The Secret Garden blooms on stage as whimsical set pieces and surprising lighting techniques bring the audience into the world of Frances Hodgson Burnett. The Secret Garden follows the story of a spirited orphaned girl, Mary Lennox (Anya Rothman) as she transforms the lives of her new guardian, Archibald Craven (Michael

Urinetown remains eerily relevant

The unique scene for Urinetown, Wilson’s fall musical, was set by an opening monologue by Officer Lockstock (Teo Topa). Seeing as other plays usually wouldn’t have a character step out of their theatrical world to speak to the audience, we found it to be quite a bold move, but it worked well. He explained to

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