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Still thinking ’bout Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa has been a breakout artist for 2017, so when I heard she was playing at the Fillmore I really wanted to go. After calling my mom from school on the day of the show, she snagged some cheap tickets from Stubhub and we made the trek from DC to Silver Spring. Although we

Tomboys and baddies unite

Cardi B and Princess Nokia are two female up and coming rappers who are fearless of their pasts and unapologetic in their newest hits. “1992 Deluxe” Princess Nokia’s newest album is yearning and ambitious, with perfect hints of sweet and bitterness surrounding her upbringing. Countless flows are experimented on this album, with sharp contrast between

Goodbye pokémon, DC has a new Poké craze

Nowadays, it appears new restaurants are constantly popping up on every street corner in DC. Recent themes include Aussie restaurants serving Kangaroo sliders, a pinball-inspired bar, and a vegan “diner.” Often, it seems as if the hottest new trend is just a reinvented old trend, especially with styles from past decades coming back. But these

Watching Post Malone Up There was incredible

The day had finally come. I had been looking forward to this concert for months since I bought my ticket in July to see my favorite artist, Post Malone, at the Fillmore in Silver Spring, Maryland. As I walked in, the warm up music overwhelmed me from the lobby, I never thought it would Hit

Sushi wars: Three new eateries coming to Tenley

When it comes to food trends, DC has them all. The sushi-burrito (which I’ll call a sushi-rito) is one of these trendy dishes that has popped up around the city in establishments like Buredo, Seoulspice, Rolls By U, and Sushinado & Teriyaki. In fact, three of these local chains will be coming to Tenleytown later

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