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Zoe Mills

South African teacher gets a taste of Wilson

On the sunny morning of Friday, January 8th, Ms. Caccamise’s Social Studies classes were graced with a foreign presence. Dani Cooper, a history teacher in Pretoria, South Africa, visited classes and discussed life on the southern tip of a vast continent. Born in 1989 in Johannesburg, the business center of South Africa, Cooper was raised

Racist history gives Wilson High School a bad name

To most students, the name “Woodrow Wilson High School” merely signifies another academic entity inclined to make them suffer, full of school work and desks that leave their legs stiff. Students shuffle in and out of the questionably named building each day with no genuine understanding of who Woodrow Wilson was, nor what his legacy

Students review summer reading assignments

BY ELLIDA PARKER, CONTRIBUTER, CAROLINA BAYON AND ZOE MILLS, JUNIOR EDITORS “Enrique’s Journey” by Sonia Nazario  This year, one of the two summer reading book options for incoming freshman was called “Enrique’s Journey”. It is a powerful non-fiction book about the suffering of illegal immigrants. The book opens in Honduras, with a mother named Lourdes

Students Have the Right to Know their 4th Amendment Rights

BY ZOE MILLS, JUNIOR EDITOR The 4th Amendment is beneficial to students of all ages for many reasons. None of those reasons, however, involves protecting students from the personal agendas of teachers, or creating strict boundaries between students and faculty that enable students to immediately keep what they desire private. The 4th Amendment is flawed,