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Zola Canady

DCPS teachers stage protest over contracts

Dozens of DCPS teachers braved the rainy weather on the morning of May 5 to demand a new and re-negotiated contract with the school system. The crowd’s chants dominated the typically quiet ambiance of Tenleytown, demanding attention from all passerby. Their protest was directed towards the Chancellor of DC Public Schools Kaya Henderson, due to

Community service opportunities are everywhere

BY ZOLA CANADY, JUNIOR EDITOR Racing to get all of the required community service hours before graduation can be stressful for high school students, but with proper planning, completing hours can be easy. In DCPS schools, students are required to do 100 hours of volunteer service during their four years of high school, but Montgomery

Fall in love with this season’s new TV shows

BY ZOLA CANADY, JUNIOR EDITOR Students are morosely beginning to see their first glimpses of the school year, but moods don’t have to drop along with the temperature. The anticipation for the new and old shows premiering this fall is more than enough to get students through the start of the year. Upcoming series like