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Colleges in DC

George Washington University:

One of the larger school’s in DC, George Washington University’s campus is in bustling Foggy Bottom. The school is known for its hospital and schools of education, law, and human development. GW is very modern. It’s an ideal school for those looking for an urban educational experience, and for sports fans, it’s a D1 school in the Atlantic Division!

GW prides itself on using the city as their classroom. Gaby Desir, GW class of 2015, interned and worked on Obama’s 2016 budget.

There are many opportunities for students, especially in politics, as it is located only four blocks from the White House and two miles from the Capitol.


Established: 1821

Acceptance Rate: 39.5 percent

Total Enrollment: 25,613

Programs for high school students: Pre-college, music, and health summer programs


Catholic University:

Maurin Cirone, a Catholic University international business major who is now a logistics management specialist for the US Navy Civilian group, says, “I met some really close friends [at Catholic] who I am still friends with today, 10 years after meeting. I loved living in DC and exploring different neighborhoods. I was in the honors program and I really liked taking challenging classes.”

Bush’s economic advisor was a professor there, as well as many other qualified and accomplished people. The campus is breathtaking, it’s near Gallaudet, and the Metro is very accessible. Their architecture and nursing programs are very popular. They have D3 football and baseball teams.

Established: 1887

Acceptance Rate: 74 percent

Total Enrollment: 6,699

Programs for high school students: Engineering, architecture, and drama


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