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Common Ground and LAYC bring Hispanic Heritage Month to Wilson

From September 15 to October 15, Hispanic Heritage Month made a colorful appearance at Wilson this year. What is Hispanic Heritage Month? To put it simply, Hispanic Heritage Month is the celebration of Latin America and the culture that comes with it. It’s a time when many Latinx students feel empowered and proud of who they are. One doesn’t have to be Latinx in order to participate and enjoy this diverse phenomena, however, all are encouraged to join in on the fun!

The day began with a beautifully decorated atrium full of students wearing colors to represent their countries. Waiting on the steps were students and staff members excited to show off their pride. “I dug it, it was cool to see people repping their heritage.” said senior Paul Branon when asked on his thoughts. Filled with energy, the students had crowded around the atrium, prepared to witness the event.

Wilson 12th grader Kelssi Aguilar and Principal Kimberly Martin took the first steps, holding the Mexican and Puerto Rican flag to show respect and support to the countries in the aftermath of the recent natural disasters.

The students behind followed their lead, marching two by two down the atrium steps and waving their flags in the air. Following the flag presentation was the delicious food that had all the students crowding around. This food was homemade by the parents and the students of the LAYC (Latin American Youth Center). There were informative cards propped up next to the food listing the ingredients and explaining what country they were from. “I think that it is a beautiful thing to see the students really organize this event and put their hard work and effort into preparing the food so that the school can really enjoy it.” said Adrianna Bonilla, of Wilson’s LAYC program. Students and staff members volunteered to serve the prepared foods to the Wilson community and make sure the event didn’t get out of hand.

To end the event, Bonilla played music from all over Latin America for the students to enjoy. The center of the atrium was filled with students dancing to a wide variety of music. From Bachata to Merengue, all kinds of students came together, some already familiar with the music and dances and others looking to the experts for help.

The Wilson community has the LAYC program and their hard-working students to thank for organizing this event and really making it happen. The celebration took a significant amount of time and planning, especially with the preparations for the day of as they had prepared the food for a great experience. LAYC was assisted in terms of promotion for this event by Wilson’s Common Ground. After such a successful observance of Hispanic Heritage Month, one can only hope that this will become a tradition at Wilson. •