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Cool Classes for the Overachiever To Take


Entrepreneurship: The goal of this half-year class is to teach students how to start and run their own business. Taught by CTE Teacher, Anthony Evans, this course is part of the Academy of Finance, though anyone can enroll. “I am an entrepreneur myself so it’s a natural progression for me to actually teach the class,” he said. He expressed the importance of students turning their focus from spending to producing. Evans believes that anyone can take this class as it is applicable to everyone, covering math, writing, public speaking, marketing, and even law. “Students are the ultimate consumer but they need to start producing something.” This can be accomplished, of course, by taking this class which Evans says may be the most important class in the entire school.

Financial Planning: Just down the hall from Entrepreneurship is CTE Teacher Dee Ward’s half-year class, Financial Planning. This class teaches what Ward considers to be the basic financial needs and concepts, including “savings, banking, credit, credit scores, renting vs. buying, insurance, investing… [and] consumer protection.” Also part of the Academy of Finance, it too can apply to all students. Financial Planning gives students a head start in terms of financial information, giving them more knowledge about finances than many young adults will have as they head into college. “I had an opportunity to invest in Sprint stock at a penny a share when I was 18 and because I knew nothing about investing I passed the opportunity up,” she said. “I think often where I would be if I had done that.” Ward hopes that those who take this class will not have to pass up any financial opportunities.

Honors Aerospace Engineering: Along with physics and engineering, Science Teacher Angela Benjamin teaches Honors Aerospace Engineering to 12 students and one junior. This class is mostly geared towards SciMaTech students, but “if you’re really interested in aeronautics… [or] you want to be an astronaut and you’re preparing yourself to be an astronaut,” then this class may appeal to you as well. Students in the class work with the 3D printer, make gliders and parachutes, shoot rockets, and test their fitness for space, among other things. Though this class is a full year, it will appeal to the space explorer in you.



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