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Cop or Nah: Public


Possibly the one restaurant you haven’t been to within a javelin throw of Wilson, Public Tenley will change how you view the number of restaurants in Tenley, but not much else.

With cliché sports decor and an excess of TVs, Public Tenley provides the classic sports bar experience for the average Wilson student or Tenleytownian.

Nothing on the menu is too exciting. The wings were good, but then again, all sports bars have good wings. Likewise, the burger won’t make you throw up but it’s not something you’re gonna remember.

On top of mediocre food, the service is not fantastic. Although the servers were very friendly, we waited almost 20 minutes for a plate of wings, despite basically being the only ones in the restaurant, which in our book is far too long, and it only gets worse on Gameday.

The only potential plus in the service could be the attractive factor, as it seems like they hire the cream of the crop (the badness crop), but then again, this feature can be found in even the dumpiest sports bar.

Adding to the appeal of this lovely establishment is the pricing. For just ten dollars, you can get an order of so-so wings and a water cup that you can’t even fill with soda. So Public Tenley is not somewhere you’re likely to frequent–unless you’re trying to flex in front of your friends with your babysitting money.

Final verdict: Nah


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