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DC roads desperately need help

Anyone driving, biking, ubering or bussing along any road in DC is sure to hit some bumps. Literally, there are so many potholes and cracks in DC roads that that they were ranked the worst in the United States. This is a problem that affects everyone using the roads and seems simple to fix.

Pavement conditions of roads can be costly by affecting speed limit control, vehicle performance and vehicle condition. Drivers in the District spend the most money on car maintenance, with an average of $1,042 compared to most states around $400. In perspective, Maryland drivers pay an extra $491 according to a graphic by The Washington Post.

DC’s high cost in repairs correlates to the amount of time spent on the roads. According to The Texas A&M Transportation Institute website, “Washington, D.C. tops the list of gridlock-plagued cities, with 82 hours of delay per commuter.” DC drivers spend the most time on the road and the most in expenses but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re connected.

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is responsible for road repairs among other transportation services. One of Mayor Muriel Bowser’s solutions to potholes is potholepalooza which began in 2009 as a mass effort to fix potholes across the city. It occurs in the springtime, after roads are especially beaten by the winter. Throughout the year anyone may call, tweet, request, comment or email the DDOT about potholes that needs to be fixed and it should be repaired “within three days” according to their website.

However, with the number of potholes, cracks and bumps across DC I’m wondering what goes wrong in this process. It could be the lack of reports and requests or productive service, but something needs to be done.


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