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Drake drops new video for “God’s Plan”

If you had enough money to go around and buy things for other people, would you? If you answered yes, the “God’s Plan” music video may be of interest to you.  The new music video, by Canadian rapper Drake inspires others to be generous and spread those who aren’t as privileged.

Whether you watched the new music video or not, everyone knows who Drake is. Drake is most popular for his song “Marvin’s Room.” Drake has made a total of four albums and six mixtapes throughout his whole career. Drake’s first mixtape, “Room For Improvement,” was released in 2006 and he has been on the radar ever since. Drake was signed by the record label Young Money, president being Lil Wayne, which helped Drake grow in popularity. Many albums and records have sold since then and are very well liked by his listeners, including “Gods Plan.” The “God’s Plan” music video was released February 16, 2018. It became very popular over the short time it was released, and has had a lot of radio time. The song is a single but to my predictions it will be included as a track on a future album.

Drake was born in Toronto, Canada to a single mother and began rapping at a young age and even acted in the teen show Degrassi. Drake’s net worth is now 90 million in 2018. Drake is a very well respected rapper by other celebrities and fans. “Gods Plan” was a perfect example of Drake and how humble he is.

The music video begins with Drake saying “the budget for this video was $996,631.90. We gave it all away. Don’t tell the label.Throughout the video, Drake is seen paying for the groceries of everyone in a local supermarket, giving away bundles of cash to families, and handing out academic scholarships. Drake gave out about $200,000 for scholarships and donations in the sneak peaks, hinting at the main idea of the music video.  The video showed Drake surprising many families by simply sitting next to them–many cried in excitement. Drake is not only a respectful man, but he is also showing his charasmastic side in the video by including clips of his dancing and singing with college students and families. The music video and song itself with ranked #1 on Spotify and Apple Music for top songs. I think that Drake is a fantastic role model for those who may look up to him. It sends a message to others to be generous and use their wealth or power in a positive way to give back. Drake is known for having a lot of fame and it is heartwarming to see him spreading hope and love to his fans. •