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Fat Trel Refunds School for Missed Performance

Photo by: Kyle Gustafson /

Photo by: Kyle Gustafson /


Following the absence of D.C. rapper Fat Trel at the Wilson homecoming dance on November 2, Trel’s manager said that the funds the performer was advanced for the appearance were returned. Students expecting Trel to perform at the November 2nd homecoming dance were disappointed when one of the most popular artists to come from the District of Columbia did not show.

Trel’s Manager Manuel “Debo” Reynoso said of the confusion surrounding repayment of a reported advance: “Whatever happened was a mistake and to everyone who supported Fat Trel, don’t let this do him any harm.”

Reynoso went on to suggest Trel’s interest in perhaps making it up to the Wilson students in the form of a future show. “We’d love to work something out in the future,” he said.

The Beacon reported last week that Trel had been paid $2,000, but Wilson Business Manager Ajibade DaSilva said that was to be the total fee for the performance, and that $1,000 was advanced from Wilson to Trel and Reynoso before Homecoming. On November 19, DaSilva confirmed that the $1,000 that had been forwarded to Trel had been returned to the school.

On Friday, November 1st, a Wilson parent volunteer and party planner who wished to remain unnamed and who was working in conjunction with the Student Government Association to sign talent, called Trel’s management to discuss soundcheck logistics. Reynoso asked if it would be possible to move the performance to another day, making apparent the fact that Tel would not be showing up.

Hours before he was contractually obligated to make an appearance at Wilson the rapper tweeted that he would be performing at the “HOME OF THE TAR HEEL’z AKA UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA.”

According to SGA President Manuela Bayon, the search for a replacement went on until 3 a.m. Saturday November 2, when another notable D.C. rapper, Shy Glizzy, agreed to perform at the dance.

Although Glizzy’s four-song performance set the bar high for future homecoming performances, students and the administration are still puzzled as to why the intended guest was a no-show.

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